Last week Josh Mandel’s office put out a press releasing announcing that Treasurer Mandel had ‘initiated’ a $25 million loan program to help assist Northeast Ohioans impacted by summer storms.

In June 2011, Treasurer Mandel initiated a $25 million emergency financing program to assist Ohioans whose small businesses, farms and homes were damaged by flooding and severe weather.  Through the Ohio Treasury’s Renew Ohio & Rebuild Ohio linked deposit programs small business owners, farmers and homeowners affected by the floods and severe weather are now eligible to receive emergency financial assistance in their time of need through interest rate reductions on loans.

Two days later the Cleveland Plain Dealer ran an article highlighting  the new program that Treasurer Mandel had ‘created’ to offer low-interest loans to Ohioans to help them rebuild after the storms.

Parma residents with flood damage might be eligible for emergency assistance under a new state program.

The Rebuild Ohio program was created by Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel. Cuyahoga County residents whose houses were damaged by flooding in 2011 can apply for repair or construction loans with up to 3-percent-interest-rate reductions.

Nothing out of the ordinary here, right? I mean, what is more honorable than offering assistance to people who have falling on hard times through no fault of their own? None, I say.  Except when you take create for something you didn’t do. Not only did John Mandel not ‘initiate’ or ‘create’ the Rebuild Ohio program but Kevin Boyce and Richard Cordray both used the program to offer low-interest loans to people impacted by disasters. In Kevin Boyce’s instance he used the program to offer loans to Ohioans impacted by tornadoes in Northwest Ohio and Cordray offered loans to homeowners who fell victim to summer floods.

If Josh Mandel wants people to take him seriously then he first needs to start taking credit for things he actually did and not for the achievements of others. But, when you have as thin of a record as Josh Mandel, usurping others accomplishments might be the only way he can have people notice you. Seeing how no one can point to one thing he has accomplished in office, besides raising campaign contributions the entire time, he is going to need to figure out something to run on. Or, if he can’t run on his own record he’ll just make one up.

Josh Mandel wants voters to view him as a more pragmatic and centrist alternative to Sherrod Brown come next year’s election for U.S. Senate. This story that he is just a hard working young man with strong conservative values is exactly that – a work of fiction. What he doesn’t want you to know is that he is like every other snake oil salesman in the Republican party – willing to say and do whatever it takes to deceive people into thinking that he is somehow capable to being a United States Senator. Is over embellishing ones record about ‘creating’ a new program the worst thing in the world? Of course not. But coming from the same person who within the last month has endorsed the idea of the U.S. defaulting, was using photos on his campaign site illegally, and has received $100,000 worth of shady contributions, these things start to create a different, and much more disturbing, picture of this man.



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