Last week we wrote about how the PD’s PoltiFact page gave the Ohio Democratic Party a “pants on fire” rating for claiming that Josh Mandel endorsed the idea of letting the US default. At the time the PD article was written, Mandel still had not made it clear where he stood on the matter of default. This ambivalence seemed to be the reason for the rating that was given. Well, it is perfectly clear now that if Josh Mandel had been a US Senator on Tuesday he would have voted against the debt deal in favor of letting the US default on it’s debts.

U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel, who’s currently the Ohio treasurer, would have voted against the $2.1 trillion debt-ceiling legislation that will get President Barack Obama’s signature later today.

Mandel, a Republican, favored an approach called Cut, Cap and Balance — which could not pass in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

I’m going to put this as gently as possible – I want a correction from the Plain Dealer’s PolitiFact page. I want them to print a correction tomorrow morning that clarifying that it is clear that Mandel favored the idea of defaulting yesterday and he supported it last week as well.

Of course, Mandel made the argument that he would have voted for the Cut, Cap, and Balance bill had that been the bill the Senate was voting on. Listen here Plain Dealer, that does not absolve him from the fact that he still would have voted against the debt deal that was agreed to. If anything, it is further evidence that Tea Party supporters like Mandel seem to be confused about how a democracy works. The Cut, Cap, and Balance bill had it’s day in the Senate last week, where it was voted down. You don’t get to not support a bill that would have staved off certain economic doom because a majority of senators didn’t support your bill yesterday. That is not how a democracy works. That is how a hostage situation normally works.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a post about Josh Mandel being a Tea Party wacko without an example of how irony seems to be totally lost on these people.

“Sherrod Brown has spent the past four decades trying to get taxpayers to bail him out of crisis after financial crisis that he helped create,” Mandel said. “Enough is enough!

“Sherrod Brown had every opportunity to embrace a reasonable compromise called Cut, Cap and Balance that would have allowed a debt ceiling increase in exchange for spending cuts and a Balanced Budget Amendment. By killing an up-or-down vote on Cut, Cap and Balance, Sherrod Brown once again told taxpayers that he will do everything he can to protect the tax-and-spend culture in Washington. I would have voted against the debt deal and in favor of the Cut, Cap and Balance plan which includes the important requirement of a balanced budget.”

Ummmm, first of all Josh Mandel you couldn’t have “voted against the debt deal and in favor of the Cut, Cap, and Balance plan…” because that is not how people vote on bills in the Senate. The vote on Tuesday was not an either/or proposition.

And, two, you don’t get to rip on Sen. Brown’s economic record when you are against the vote Sen. Brown made to prevent an economic crisis. I’m sorry, I just feel like I have to spell this out for the PolitiFact people: Brown voted yes on a bill to prevent an economic crisis.  Mandel would have voted against it. There, I feel like that is pretty clear.

Every time Josh Mandel opens his mouth he seems to be complaining about how out of touch Senator Brown is with mainstream Ohioans.  What is really ironic about these claims is that Senator Brown supporting a bill to prevent default guaranteed millions of Ohioans would receive their social security checks next week. His vote made sure that Ohioans would not pay higher interest rates for home and school loans, a hidden tax, from the US defaulting on its debts. Senator Brown made sure Ohioans wouldn’t  pay even more taxes in the future, because defaulting would drive up interest rates on US debt, making it even more expensive in the future to pay off.

Remind me again, who is out of touch with mainstream Ohioans?