Thanks to everyone who took the time to read and vote on their favorite entries for the Plunderbund Camp Wellstone Scholarships.  We’re really proud of our readers for their interest and thoughtful replies in voting for their favorites.  The two who will go to the camp on us are:

Paul Worley and Shandell Jamal.  Paul was the clear favorite and Shandell was able to edge out Corey for 2nd.  Each of the 4 will get a brand new PB tee and is also invited to attend the private after-camp party we are throwing.  Details to those who are registered for the camp should be forthcoming if you haven’t already heard.  We’ll have some good food, drinks, a DJ, and of course the new PlunderTees!  😉

Congrats to all who entered and again big thanks to our readers for their interest.  We’ll see our winners next week.  Readers check back in Friday and Saturday for exclusive coverage of the event and special interviews with both Paul and Shandell!

If you want to attend the event, you can still sign up here.