John Kasich has broken with a fairly recent tradition of Ohio’s governor by not sleeping overnight on the Ohio State Fairgrounds.  The reason we’ve consistently heard that he’s given (but I’m unable to find a published news report confirming it) is that one of his daughters has severe allergies  (even though the tradition has never required the Governor’s kids to sleep in the State Fair barn.)

Which is why I was surprised to see this item in the Columbus Dispatch:


Gov. John Kasich decided not to follow tradition of his predecessors and sleep overnight at the Ohio State Fair. But his family did.

First Lady Karen Waldbillig Kasich and daughters Reese and Emma, along with Mrs. Kasich’s sister and three kids, visited the fair and camped overnight at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources area on the fairgrounds. They took in a concert, walked around the fairgrounds, and made smores around a campfire.

The Kasich’s twin girls slept in a yurt (a nomid-style hut), while mom overnighted in a camper.

So, where was the Governor sleeping that night?  Cause, frankly, it sounds like camping out with my wife and kids for a night like this sounds like a fun thing to do.  Maybe Kasich has a severe  s’more allergy.

What a pretentious ass.