Well, I truly thought it would take longer than a month and a half before people saw how horrible Kasich’s budget was. I really did.  But then I wake up this morning and open up the Toledo Blade to see a scathing editorial condemining the Kasich administration for, well, pretty much everything we have been saying for the last six months.

Candidate Kasich attacked former Gov. Ted Strickland for not creating jobs and for using one-time money to kick the state’s budget problems down the road. Governor Kasich balanced his budget by using one-time money from the sale of public assets and by kicking the revenue shortfall down the food chain and onto the backs of local governments. Instead of creating jobs, the budget ensures job losses, at least in the public sector.

After his victory last November, Mr. Kasich said Ohioans could get on his bus or be run over by it. At the same time, he asked to be warned if it appeared he was about to run over a cliff.

It appears that the best seats on the bus are reserved for wealthy interests. And the cliff ahead, if the governor can see the signs, is the lack of job creation.

Ouch. Did one of my colleagues here at Plunderbund get a job on the Blade’s editorial board and not tell me?

The Toledo Blade is absolutely right for calling out Kasich for spending the first six months of his administration rewarding his rich friends at the expense of everyone else. The examples are too numerous to count

As ModernEsquire pointed out earlier in the week, what ever economic recovery we had going into 2011 was quickly squashed by the extreme policy initiatives implemented by this administration. Take for example the putrid jobs numbers we saw for June. Public sector job loss is the driving force behind them and, if I was a betting man, I would bet on those public sector job numbers being even worse next month.

If the Ohio economy continues to stall, which is a very good chance, the main reason why will be because of Kasich’s budget. By balancing his budget on the backs of school districts and local governments it forces both of those entities to make cuts and lay people off.  That means further people on unemployment and less people putting money back into our state’s economy.

That’s why the Toledo Blade should be applauded for calling out Kasich on his hypocrisy. He has done exactly nothing to facilitate creating a climate for job growth in Ohio. Yes, his budget may have cut takes for the wealthiest in Ohio but that doesn’t equate to job growth. Yes, it may have sold off years worth of revenue for the state to balance the budget, but that doesn’t equate to job growth. And, yes, his budget may have kicked the can down to the local government and school districts but that doesn’t create jobs either.

So, it isn’t surprising why the Toledo Blade, and millions of Ohioans, are asking the same thing now? When are you going to start focusing on what really matters, Governor Kasich, and doing what needs to be done to create jobs here in Ohio?