Columbus Business First again lives up to their name today being the first to report on Kasich’s latest corporate handout: a $4 million package of state incentives to bring 50 jobs back to Ohio.

Just to be clear – these are 50 people who already have jobs. Not out-of-work Ohioans are going to benefit from this deal. And it’s costing us $80K per job. (I don’t think I need to tell you how many NEW teacher, police or fire jobs $4 million would create.)

And $80K/per job is over twice the cost-per-job of Kasich’s Diebold giveaway which was already WAY out of line with typical job retention and creation costs – which tend to run in the thousands.

No new jobs and tons of free state money. This is a another Kasich giveaway. John has got to be one of the worst negotiators ever!

Oh – and did I mention that Kasich completely lied when he announced the give away to Wendy’s?

During the announcement speech, Kasich told the audience “This could’ve happened in Georgia… There was a choice… We could have lost 385 [jobs] had the decision gone against us.”

But Denny Lynch, spokesman for Wendy’s, was very clear that Wendy’s did consider “other Ohio locations for the 388 jobs currently in Dublin” but they “did not consider moving jobs in Dublin to Atlanta.

In other words, these jobs were NEVER going to Georgia. Kasich lied – again.

And $4 million of your dollars just went to pay for a new gym for 50 Wendy’s executives.

Kind of makes me think of this…

Wow… that’s “a VERY big bun.”

  • Anonymous

    When saw this on the news tonight I said to myself “You’ve got to be kidding… How can I get $4 million dollars for just 50 jobs…”

    Then the joker says “Give a person a job and you give them hope…” and I said “Except if your are a public employee…”

    The he said something like “They can say I work at Wendy’s” and I laughed out loud.. what a jerk.


  • Annekarina

    I have been boycotting wendy’s ever since I was too tired to check my change after my last trip there.  I do not support people who support cheaters even if it is my own fault.

  • Anonymous

    This is sooo sad.  I used to be big time “Buy American”, and even bigger “Buy Ohio”.  But this governor is making it more and more difficult to do that.  My list of Ohio businesses I refuse to buy from keeps growing:

    American Greetings
    Bob Evans

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  • Vel

    Keep in mind that if these 50 already-employed people suddenly find themselves without a job, Kasich and his half-drunk rubber-stampers in the OH House & Senate will try to cut them off of any government assistance as soon as they can.

  • Anonymous

    I heard that Wendy’s was spending $11 million to “update” the HQ – did anyone else hear that figure?  Seriously, if these new Buckeyes weren’t executives, would Wendy’s spend this much on the building?  And who is going to foot the bill to buy up all these execs. homes in Atlanta and pay for them to relocate back to Ohio?  Relocation costs are huge.

  • Anonymous

    Right there with you….I’ll miss the pseudo healthy sea salt fries though…

  • Annekarina

    Half drunk?   Check those police reports again.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure there is a legal definition for “half drunk”, even for the Gang Of Pirates.  It’s kind of like being half wrong, or half dead or half crazy, it is what it is. But I agree with youl on this, they are acting like 3 year olds in a toy store.

  • Anonymous

    Every single time you guys report that Kasich has lied and given away more money to his business buddies, I feel like screaming!!  OMG.  This is freakin’ ridiculous.

     According to the Dispatch (, David Brennan and his White Hat Management must be making big money because, “Under contracts with the schools, White Hat receives 96 percent of the state aid they
    receive.”  That means that only 4 % directly goes to educating students. 

  • Fairminded

    I am totally with you Buckeye 15. I had a few American  Greetings cards which I am recycling. Most of the time I make cards or use ones I get from National Wildflife Org.. As a member they always send you cards. I don’t eat at Bob Evans but I do like Wendy’s chili. I am giving that up  to.

  • Bob

    Strickland did not “let” the leave. That was part of Nelson Peltz business plan. Peltz got his money and was able to dump his worthless Arby’s holdings. And he got some help from Kasich. Free market capitalism is great for those who can play the game.

  • David from Hilliard

    I didn’t realize the Koch Brothers manufactured three bands of toilet paper, but somehow it’s certainly appropriate because they’re a couple of ass wipes.

  • Anonymous

    Now there you go again, you aren’t supposed to bark until I pull your chain.

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