Columbus Business First again lives up to their name today being the first to report on Kasich’s latest corporate handout: a $4 million package of state incentives to bring 50 jobs back to Ohio.

Just to be clear – these are 50 people who already have jobs. Not out-of-work Ohioans are going to benefit from this deal. And it’s costing us $80K per job. (I don’t think I need to tell you how many NEW teacher, police or fire jobs $4 million would create.)

And $80K/per job is over twice the cost-per-job of Kasich’s Diebold giveaway which was already WAY out of line with typical job retention and creation costs – which tend to run in the thousands.

No new jobs and tons of free state money. This is a another Kasich giveaway. John has got to be one of the worst negotiators ever!

Oh – and did I mention that Kasich completely lied when he announced the give away to Wendy’s?

During the announcement speech, Kasich told the audience “This could’ve happened in Georgia… There was a choice… We could have lost 385 [jobs] had the decision gone against us.”

But Denny Lynch, spokesman for Wendy’s, was very clear that Wendy’s did consider “other Ohio locations for the 388 jobs currently in Dublin” but they “did not consider moving jobs in Dublin to Atlanta.

In other words, these jobs were NEVER going to Georgia. Kasich lied – again.

And $4 million of your dollars just went to pay for a new gym for 50 Wendy’s executives.

Kind of makes me think of this…

Wow… that’s “a VERY big bun.”