Thursday must have been a depressing day for John Kasich.

U.S. News and World Report came out with a list of the ten most “buzzed-about” prospects for the GOP vice presidential nomination, a list that includes several women and hispanics, and even one name from Ohio – but sadly, it’s not Kasich’s.

John Kasich doesn’t even top the list of white guys from Ohio with federal budget experience in the vice presidential beauty contest. That honor goes to Senator Portman, who US News ranks #7 on the list. Portman’s had a good week, being named to the 12-member deficit reduction “supercommittee.” The New York Times calls him a pragmatist, and the appointment even earned an endorsement from Sherrod Brown who praised his willingness to seek “common ground” (not something anyone’s been saying about John Kasich lately, unless you count the Dispatch).

So much for Kasich’s efforts to get Washington to notice him. Now it looks like he’s stuck in this dead-end job for another three years.

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