Reports continue to surface that call into question Josh Mandel’s willingness to do the job he was elected by Ohioans to do. As we reported last week Josh Mandel has a problem showing up to Board of Deposits meetings since being elected Treasurer in 2010. By ‘problem’ I mean not once has he made it to one of the monthly Board of Deposits meetings since taking office in 2010. He is O for 14.

Why hasn’t Mandel made it to a single Board of Deposits meeting yet? Well, that’s the thing, no one can figure out why. What we know is he missed the Board meeting in December for a fundraiser in D.C. and the January meeting to do a radio interview.

Besides that it seems that Mandel sometimes slips into a black hole of time according to documents released last week.  On five occasions when the Board of Deposits was meeting Mandel had nothing scheduled on his calendar. On two other occasions Mandel blocked out time on his calendar for the meeting but he did not attend. On four other dates Mandel scheduled time to meet with advisors except that, according to meeting minuets, those advisors were at the Board meeting he was to be attending.

Of the 14 Board of Deposit meetings he did not attend on two separate occasions he skipped the meeting due to campaign reasons. For the other 12 meetings he seems to be lacking an excuse. That is a whole year’s worth of meetings that Mandel skipped and can not account for where he was. When asked by the Huffington Post earlier this week what the Treasurer’s explanation was for missing the Board meetings, his campaign’s response was less than stellar.

Unger did not immediately answer a request for comment on the apparent gaps in his boss’s schedule.

Really? No answer at all. You couldn’t make something up like , ‘The reason the Treasurer was unable to make those meetings is because he lives in reality that is devoid of time and space.’ At least that would have been an answer. Instead we get the all too common line from the Mandel campaign when anyone asks them a question of, ‘we will get back to you with that later.’

There is being an overly ambitious politician and then there is being horrible at your job. I can live with politicians who over-reach, I understand that. What is inexcusable is politicians who simply see each position as a stepping stone to the next big thing and don’t care about serving the people that elected them. That is Josh Mandel’s problem. Not only are his eye’s too big for his stomach but it’s clear he has no desire to perform the duties he was elected to do.