From the daily archives: Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yesterday Kasich gave his state of the state speech, delivering his unscripted and often rambling message to members of the General Assembly, his cabinet, invited guests and other local and state officials – many of whom he called out during the nearly hour and twenty minute rant.

Three key Republicans, however, received no such call out and were clearly missing from the audience: Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine, his cousin Attorney General Mike DeWine and Secretary of State Jon Husted.

History is full of epic battles and epic leaders: Grant vs Lee in Virginia, Montgomery and Rommel in […]

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Kasich endorses Obama

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Look, if you want a short overview of Kasich’s State of the State address, here it is:

Here’s the long version: The speech was a rambling mess of incomplete thoughts, decrees with no explanation on the plans to address it (while I’m all for ending human trafficking in Ohio, we need a plan, not a Governor to take the time out to point out that 21st century slavery is wrong), and contradictions.  Kasich’s aversion to having a speechwriter makes me wonder what a speechwriter could have done to traumatize  Kasich to this point.

Kasich chose the Wells Academy to […]

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This one reference in yesterday’s State of the State should have been a major news story:


Hamilton, Ohio. ThyssenKrupp – big steel people. They were going to move their shock absorbers to Mexico. Not only are they not moving them because we got down there and worked with them–not only are they not moving to Mexico – they are moving people from Mexico to Hamilton, Ohio to make shock absorbers at ThyssenKrupp.

That’s Governor John Kasich calling JobsOhio a success for keeping a plant in Ohio by giving it incentives… to bring in Mexican workers?

Hamilton is in […]

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