From the daily archives: Saturday, February 25, 2012

John Kasich gave a speech at the Highway Patrol Academy announcing a couple of law enforcement initiatives.  The Dispatch obliged with a positive headline:  “State takes aim at drug trafficking.”

According to a longer article in the Dispatch, Kasich is pushing two new law enforcement initiatives:  (1) a new law making it a felony to own a vehicle with concealed compartments; and (2) “severe warning signs” on highways to deter drug dealers.

Both ideas are nuts and are unlikely to remove any illegal drugs from the streets.

The law making it a felony to own a vehicle with […]

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John Kasich and Mary Taylor kicked off their campaign for the Governor’s office in January of 2010 making promises. Lots of promises. Crazy promises. Promises that a lot of us said could never be kept. Promises that are now, not surprisingly, being broken.

A lot of people said Kasich was just full of crap and intentionally lying. But I never believed that was the case. Instead, I’m sticking to my belief that he just had no clue what he was talking about. And, to this day, that still seems like a fairly accurate assessment.

Kasich spent a great deal of […]

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When I posted about the primary in Columbus, in which a veritable Who’s Who of local Democrats are going after a district designed as a liberal quarantine by the GOP, the immediate reaction of many was “Why aren’t you posting about Marcy Kaptur vs. Dennis Kucinich?”

Well… there are plenty of places to read about the “animated,” “increasingly tense,” “increasingly bitter” “war” between two candidates who have typically been allies. People have been vocal about whom they support. In short, I thought posting about the 3rd […]

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