From the daily archives: Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reports continue to surface that call into question Josh Mandel’s willingness to do the job he was elected by Ohioans to do. As we reported last week Josh Mandel has a problem showing up to Board of Deposits meetings since being elected Treasurer in 2010. By ‘problem’ I mean not once has he made it to one of the monthly Board of Deposits meetings since taking office in 2010. He is O for 14.

Why hasn’t Mandel made it to a single Board of Deposits meeting yet? Well, that’s the thing, no one can figure out why. What we […]

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Ohio Republicans must believe that there is not enough work for lawyers.  How else to explain passing a bill that almost certainly won’t withstand a court challenge?

Yesterday, hearings were scheduled on a bill ( HB298) in the Ohio Legislature to strip funding from Planned Parenthood.  According to news reports, the “bill re-prioritizes how federal funding for family-planning services is distributed by the state. Money must first be made available to public clinics, then private entities that provide comprehensive primary- and preventative-care services in addition to family-planning services, and finally to groups like Planned Parenthood. Such a pecking order […]

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