From the daily archives: Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Columbus Dispatch made this bold claim in today’s paper:

Now, let me begin that Joe Vardon has vastly improved the objectivity of the Dispatch’s political reporting, and he doesn’t write the headlines.  His story was balanced in that it mention the vast drop in the labor market we’ve seen the past two months (more on that later.)  But my biggest complaint is the subheading that “most indicators point to steady improvement in Ohio’s economy.”

That simply isn’t true, as much as I wish it were.  The reality is the most indicators indicate Ohio’s economy has unsteady […]

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Ohio House Bill 191 basically has two specific outcomes.  First, changing the definition of a school year from a minimum number of days to a minimum number of hours.  Second, restrict districts to beginning school after Labor Day and ending the year before Memorial Day (with exceptions for calamity days and year-round schools).  This second component is specifically intended to lengthen the summer break (because there’s SO much research showing how valuable a longer summer is for students).

To be fair, co-sponsors Bill Hayes (R) and Bill Patmon (D) aren’t really interested in having a positive outcome for children.  This […]

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