We are now less than two weeks out from primary day here in Ohio, and with incumbents Obama and Sherrod Brown running in the top-ticket races, there’s been little drama for Dems to participate in.

Unless you live in Columbus.*

I’m actually kind of amazed that this blockbuster battle has generated so little heat and so little light. For Pete’s sake, this is a Democratic primary in which an African American woman who has been elected multiple times to city council for the largest city in Ohio, in a district with a sizable African-American population, could come in fourth.

We wrote about this district when it was created back in October, and speculated about four high-profile candidates who could run. Two of them, David Leland and Charleta Tavares, are not actually running. Who is running? Maybe you’ve heard of some of these folks:

OH-3 Derby

Mary Jo Kilroy. Former U.S. Representative and Franklin County Commissioner. In the former role she was part of the Democratic majority that passed Obama’s health plan and other initiatives, in the latter role she’s the only one who has been on the ballot in every precinct in the new district. She has money, experience, the endorsement of MoveOn.org, and front-runner status.

Joyce Beatty. Former House Minority Leader at the statehouse and probably the better known of the two African American women in the race. She has stepped down (possibly permanently) from her lucrative Vice President gig at OSU to take this shot at getting to Capitol Hill. Has support of very popular Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman.

Ted Celeste. Unlike the first two candidates listed, actually won his last election has been continuously in office through the GOP wave (ed note – criminy, I used to be better at fact checking myself – Beatty declined to run for new office in 2010). Represents Grandview area at the Statehouse, shares last name and parents with a former governor you might remember.

Priscilla Tyson
. Described above, currently serving as Columbus City Councilwoman, has support of local progressive favorite Andrew Ginther.

I honestly do not know who I am going to vote for. There will be a sold out “discussion” amongst the candidates at the WOSU COSI studios tomorrow hosted by the Columbus Metropolitan Club, and it will be interesting to see if any of the four get any kind of buzz coming out of that. If not, well… Like I said – this election has garnered surprisingly little fanfare, and nothing else on the ballot for Dems will drive turnout – so who wins depends entirely on who shows up, and who shows up (pulling a Dem ballot rather than trying to monkeywrench the GOP with a Newt vote…) is a really open question. So… Dear Readers, as active and engaged progressive voters, care to cast an unscientific ballot?

Who are you supporting in the OH-3 Primary?

  • I live in the district and am voting for Kilroy (26%, 48 Votes)
  • I do not live in the district, but I hope Kilroy wins (18%, 33 Votes)
  • I live in the district and am voting for Celeste (15%, 28 Votes)
  • I do not live in the district, but I hope Celeste wins (14%, 26 Votes)
  • I live in the district and have not decided who I am voting for (8%, 14 Votes)
  • I do not live in the district, and I'm okay with whoever wins (8%, 14 Votes)
  • I do not live in the district, but I hope Beatty wins (6%, 11 Votes)
  • I live in the district and am voting for Beatty (3%, 6 Votes)
  • I live in the district and am voting for Tyson (2%, 3 Votes)
  • I do not live in the district, but I hope I do not live in the district, but I hope Tyson wins wins (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 183

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And if you wanna convince me to agree with you, leave a comment.

*edit- yes, yes, there’s an interesting race in the 9th as well. Forgive me. In my pre-PB blogging days I believed there was a DK version of Godwin’s Law – Mention Dennis and no further meaningful conversation could occur. I promise we’ll give you a chance to comment & vote on the Kaptur/Kucinich/Veysey race soon.

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  • Capt. 01%

    Seriously? Go North young man! there is life elsewhere in the state.
    What about the primary for the 9th, a district drawn to get rid of a democratic incumbent? this pits Marcy Kaptur (maybe you know her name, 15 terms, ranking D woman on Appropriations) against Dennis Kuchinich (2 time candidate for Pres, advocate for the Dept of Peace) and Graham Veysey. 
    the Sandusky Register has several Q&A’s, and a debate online.

  • As you point out, that race actually HAS generated some media attention (though we haven’t posted on it here). Expect more primary coverage in the days to come.

  • The outcome to that race (my district) is a foregone conclusion. 

  • We were in the 15th and have supported Mary Jo Kilroy in the past. Now, we are in the 12th district! Yuck!  I don’t know much about the Dems in this district, but I’m certainly NOT voting for Kasich’s understudy, Tiberi.

  • Welcome to the 12th.  😉  Tiberi is the worst kind of patsy GOPer, but he’s been a lock for some time and now maybe forever.

  • I now live in the new 15th CD after the recent redistricting.  I always voted for Mary Jo in the past.  If I was in the new 3rd CD I would make her my first choice and Celeste my 2nd choice…Jim, Godown Road area NW Cols

  • Capt. 01%

     east end or west end?

  • Capt. 01%

     I don’t know about that. looks down to the wire from the mushball middle.

  • Foothillbilly

    Kilroy has a solid voting record, plenty of political experience, and a tough enough hide to work in DC. She will get my vote.

  • CDR_Janny

    It’s amusing listening to all of the Kaptur ads here in Akron on Cleveland stations.  ‘Course, 10 years ago we learned how good Dems can be screwed by redistricting when the Gooper redistricting pretty much ensured that Tom Sawyer would be defeated in the primary by Traficant’s neophyte understooge, Ryan.

  • Huh. I may actually live in this district (the map in the previous post was a little hard to decipher, because if I am in this district, I’m on the very edge of it). So, thanks for listing out the candidates, because I did not think I was going to be voting for any of them and so I haven’t even considered it. I’ve been living in NE Ohio for the past two years, so I haven’t kept up with the Central Ohio candidates very well.  

  • Natasha

    If Tiberi is a “lock” it’s only because the word is not out on him and his crookedness.

    Like his intervening with the IRS to “resolve” 18 months, more than $70,000, of IRS payroll and employer tax liens against the business of Delaware Republican officeholders, State Rep Andrew Brenner, (the business VP) and his wife, Powell City Council member, Sara Marie, (The business CEO).

    The business, Prestige Music Studios morphed into, The Music Lesson Company (after the IRS delinquencies began in early 2010) and the tax liens, according to public records, are not paid and NO collection action by the IRS has happened – Thank you very much Congressman Pat Tiberi.  BTW State Rep Brenner is the President of the new company.

    With Delaware County Clerk of Courts Antonoplos, who has more than $300,000 in federal tax liens since 2008 while her husband a “prominent” GOP lobbyist has even more.  They have lots of Ohio tax liens too.  Makes you wonder how much Congressman Tiberi helped them with resolving their HUGE IRS lien delinquencies.

    Is Tiberi the “GoTo” guy for GOP tax deadbeats?  According to the wife of GOP State Rep Brenner, he is, if you need to get the IRS off your back when it tries to collect the payroll taxes you withheld from your employees and didn’t pay in as required by law for these “trust fund” dollars take from employee paychecks.

  • The map here may be better. Overlayed on a Google map and is zoomable!


  •  Thank you! Yes, much easier to see and I am in the new district. We live on the very eastern edge of Franklin Co. in that tiny little corner that’s bordered by Fairfield and Licking. I’m kind of surprised we were included, as my area is pretty heavily Republican. I’ve gone to vote on primary day in off years and had no one to vote for (I grew up in this area and lived here before moving to Cleveland).

  •  Point taken and article updated. Should have said “won in the last election.”

  • I’m on the East end of the district. 

  • seditious

    I watched the debate and was disappointed by Celeste’s comment about high gas prices and how resolving the issue with Iran sooner rather than later might bring prices back down (paraphrase). He certainly seemed to be saying bomb Iran now. It seemed inconsistent with his criticism of President Bush starting two unncecessary and costly wars. I don’t work for any campaign and just call them as I see em as a concerned citizen. War with Iran is a terrible idea. President Obama doesn’t want it but is being pushed into it. Celeste might make some AIPAC people happy with that kind of talk but I found it despicable. We’re in enough trouble w/o starting another war.

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