Tomorrow the Ohio Board of Deposits is holding its monthly meeting in Columbus and if the past 13 months are any evidence you should probably not bet on Ohio’s absentee Treasurer Josh Mandel attending. Since being elected as Ohio’s Treasurer, Mandel has attended exactly zero board meetings. He seems to care so little for this portion of the job that, according to The Toledo Blade, Mandel didn’t attend the meeting in January because of a $500 a plate fundraiser he was holding in D.C. for his Senate campaign.

Granted, the Board of Deposits meetings are not the most riveting events in the world but they are immensely important. At each meeting the State Treasurer’s office, Auditor’s office, and Attorney General’s office review which banks the state will invest it’s billions of dollars that month.

I’m not a financial wizard but this seems pretty important given recent events. For those who have been living under a rock for the last five years, it does not take much for the fiscal health of a government to change rapidly. I have no doubt that the staff members Mandel sends to the meeting are capable of investing the state’s money wisely and prudently. What is unnerving though is that given the vast amount of tax payer money at stake Ohio’s chief financial officer has not found the time to attend a single one of these meetings.

It would be like if the CFO of GM just decided to blow off the monthly Board meetings to go golfing.  And then did it again for the next 12 months.

I don’t know about you but I’m 100 percent certain that I couldn’t miss a meeting of that caliber and expect to still have a job. Or miss it 13 times in a row. Mandel is simply continuing to show all Ohioans that if he isn’t going to win a Senate seat this year then he is damn well going to win the most worthless state treasurer of the year award.

So, with all that in mind I think it was pretty nice of the folks over at the Ohio Democratic Party to formally invite Treasurer Mandel to attend his first Board of Deposits meeting tomorrow and do the job Ohioans elected him to do. I mean, it is kind of sad that the Ohio State Treasurer has to rely upon the Ohio Democratic party has his Outlook Calender reminder, but whatever it takes I guess.

Also, check out this great video made up of regular Ohioans talking about their jobs and what they think about Mandel not doing his.

[Update] Looks like we were right. Mandel was a no-show this morning at the Board of Deposits meeting. Make that zero for 14. At least he is consistent.

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