It’s been a crazy month if you’re a woman in America.

In January, our presidential candidates were talking about moon colonies and how they liked to fire people. In Ohio, all the talk was about earthquakes caused by injecting toxic fracking waste deep underground.

Then something strange happened. Susan G. Komen announced it was defunding Planned Parenthood, launching a national debate about contraception and women’s health (and ending in a PR disaster for Komen).

Next, religious-affiliated employers complained about an Obama administration rule (implementing a provision of health care reform) requiring employee health plans to cover contraception.

By the end of the month, we had Republicans attacking the Girl Scouts as pro-abortion lesbian-sympathizers, Rick Santorum saying contraception is bad for women, Virginia Republicans requiring vaginal penetration for women seeking abortions, and Oklahoma Republicans nearing passage of a law granting personhood rights to fertilized eggs.

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Yes folks, the country has gone cuckoo for cocoa puffs. But if you have a Facebook account, even your mom has probably already told you that.

But here’s what you may not know. Ohio’s right wing is moving in lockstep with its brethren in other states.

De-fund Planned Parenthood? Yeah, we’ve got a bill for that. In fact, it’s getting a hearing Tuesday morning in the Ohio House of Representatives committee headed up by Lynn “Let’s ban IUDs” Wachtmann. This is the same committee that refuses to hold hearings on multiple bills (HB281, HB338 and HB419), each aimed at reducing unwanted pregnancies. I guess they are too busy hearing testimony from fetuses. Kris Jordan, champion of women’s rights, has introduced a similarly-worded bill in the State Senate.

Prohibit insurance coverage of abortion? Yes, yes and yes. While everyone was busy paying attention to SB5, the state budget was signed into law, and banned local governments from offering employee health plans with abortion coverage. Late last year, Kasich signed a new law prohibiting insurers participating in the state’s planned health insurance exchange from offering abortion coverage to women. And, while Obama’s revised employer rule satisfied the Catholic employers it actually affected, Ohio’s Attorney General Mike DeWine (Roman Catholic, father of eight) has decided to bring a frivolous lawsuit anyway.

Elevate fertilized eggs to personhood status? Yup. Four dudes (of course!) applied and were approved by Secretary Husted to collect signatures to put a measure on November’s ballot that would make it a crime in Ohio to use an IUD, a birth control ring, the morning-after pill, and potentially even the plain vanilla birth control pill. On the plus side, expecting parents can deduct their unborn kids a full nine months before they actually pop out of the womb, so hey, free money!

Since the start of this legislative term, more anti-abortion bills have been introduced than in any of the past three General Assemblies. And they are becoming law – Kasich has signed six new laws so far in his short term.

Where are the progressives? While Republicans were busy writing legislation to roll back women’s reproductive freedom, at least nine bills or resolutions have introduced so far this term aimed at reducing unwanted pregnancies. Unfortunately, none of them has gotten more than a single hearing.

Here’s hoping in March we can go back to talking about moon colonies. And I nominate Lynn Wachtmann as its first ambassador.

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  • What a circus. Republicans condemn condoms! Republicans praise children of rape as a gift from God. Republicans legislate forced trans-vaginal probes. Republicans hate women (and men) who want to plan their families. What’s next? Republicans mandate missionary-position only? I hate to admit it, but Newt was right. ‘Cause Newt and all his Republican friends SHOULD set up a moon colony…. AND GO THERE! Then, they could tell each other what to do, and how to live, and who to love…. while leaving the REST of us alone, in peace, here on Earth. Newt, I always KNEW that you were a problem-solver. Unfortunately, you and your Republican friends ARE the problem…

  • Comment unrelated: There’s an Allen West ad on your page. Talk about poor ad targeting. I went a head and clicked it for ya

  • pb_dirtgirl

    We spotted Joe the Plumber in the ad space yesterday. Click away, it’s money in our bank account and not theirs.

  • Annekarima

    Well Tomerix, let’s see…hmm… is your name an anagram for a drug?  These illiterate hicks watch too much boob tube and follow the daily rags and believe them.   I am a child of the 60s.  “The Prisoner” series made a valuable impression on me.  Lessons were drilled into my brain that I never forgot.  Who is #6?  The boob tube knows.  All the scenarios we see played today in what we think are reality have been done in another series called “Nowhere Man.”  Rent it from Netflix or buy it from Amazon.  Forget Surnow is a FOR (that’s friend of Rush) and pay attention.  He likes to play with you.  You will get an education in psychology that you can turn on “them”.  And if that doesn’t do it for you then pull up “Revolver”.  If you are really “cheap”  it’s in pieces on You Tube.  It will give you an excellent education.  And keep in mind, none of the heros in these series are so called “team members” but they are for the team.  They just don’t play by the rules.  The rules are ruthless.  The rules kill…in the shows….shows aren’t reality….right?

  • Rgtmwlly

    Considering half the lives saved by stopping elective abortions will be female, the life effort is hardly a war on women. But the catchphrase sounds good to simpleton lefties. Nice and divisive. Not quite class warfare, but almost as ignorant.

  • gregmild

    Technically speaking, there is no data to support your claim.  Data that IS available reveals that there are more males born than females in the U.S. these days at a 105:100 ratio.  So does that mean that more males are conceived too?  I don’t know for sure, but I’d love for you to share your data sources.

  • Rgtmwlly

    Oh shit, great point. Free abortion on demand!

  • Ann Twiggs

    It seems like I’m back in 1968 fighting for the same things all over again!

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