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Ohio House Bill 191 is generally known as the education bill that promotes tourism by altering the restrictions around when schools can begin (after Labor Day) and end (before Memorial Day).  There are exceptions to those parameters, but the main impetus of the bill remains a change from a required minimum number of days a district is in sessions to a minimum number of hours.  I posted a critique of the legislation a couple of weeks ago.

Yet ever since that post I’ve been wondering how Bill Hayes (R), one of the sponsors along with Bill Patmon (D), could have been […]

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Rootscamp is coming up next weekend (Saturday, February 25th to be precise).  If you are signed up we’ll see you there!  If you’re not and you haven’t been to one you need to get one of the dwindling 58 tickets left as of this posting.  200 were made available.

Rootscamp Ohio is a barcamp, or un-conference that is focused on progressive political activism in Ohio.  The participants make up the agenda on the spot and they also lead the sessions that will span out across the day.  It’s grassroots, baby!

You can see the attendee list and […]

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Sperm are people too!

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I am sick and tired of all of the attention being given to women and their reproductive organs.  It’s complete bullshit.  At every turn here in Ohio there is new legislation focusing on a woman’s uterus, ovaries, or eggs and what she can or cannot do with these reproductive components of her body.  And those personhood amendments that solely target a woman’s body make me sick.  As if that’s something she should get sole credit for.

Um, excuse me?  Aren’t they forgetting something?

Hi, I’m a man.  Usually known as the other half of reproduction.  I’m the one with […]

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