From the daily archives: Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let’s recap the political news surrounding American Greetings first.

American Greeting, citing a minor increase in the City of Brooklyn’s personal income tax (which I don’t believe is one the company itself pays except as a payroll withholding for its employees), threatened to move to Illinois, which just enacted a significant hike in its corporate tax rate (which it would pay if it was located there.)

Enter Governor John Kasich, who promptly promises the company millions in state aid.  In fact, the combined state and local aid package to the company is so large that it will construct a brand […]

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One of the lesser reported themes in the 2010 gubernatorial races was how Governor Kasich told conservatives that a vote for him was actually a vote against President Obama’s re-election in 2012:

Of course, as the titular head of the State party, a Governor can have influence over national politics.  Normally, a Governor’s popularity can be used to transition to support his or her party’s presidential candidates.  Also, the Governor traditionally is well tied into the State party organization structure and other political statewide political operations that can be lent to the presidential effort.  It’s no surprise that […]

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Update:  We’re getting some great entries and putting them in a special photo album on our Facebook page.  Let us know which ones you like!

Josh Mandel has been amazingly busy during his first year as Treasurer. Unfortunately, much of that time has been spent on the road (in DC, Florida, Hawaii, etc.) fund raising for his Senate Campaign instead of in Columbus running the Treasurer’s office like he was elected to do.

We thought you could help us track him down.

Simply download and print out our Flat Josh Printable PDF and take him with […]

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