For intelligence on Gov. Kasich’s view of Ohio’s nationally acclaimed medical community, look no further than the poor quality of his appointees to the State Medical Board of Ohio.

His latest consumer appointee is Michael L. Gonidakis who will serve through July of 2017. Mr. Gonidakis has zero medical credentials. He is a lawyer who is best known as head of Ohio Right to Life. Despite polling and election results showing that Ohio remains strongly pro-choice, our anti-choice governor continues to use his discretion to curry favor with extremist groups such as Right to Life.

Mr. Gonidakis joins another consumer appointee on the medical board, Laurie O. Elsass, wife of Kasich media consultant Rex Elsass. Mr. Elsass is best known for his hitting-below-the-belt TV ads such as the one on behalf of Supreme Court Justice Robert R. Cupp that accused his Democratic challenger of being soft on rapists and for trying to help Todd Akin recover from his “legitimate rape’’ mistake.

Although denounced by Cupp and the Ohio State Bar Association, Ohio’s GOP brass kept the ad on the air and it backfired. Cupp was defeated by William M. O’Neill – who won without raising ANY money

According to the Columbus Dispatch:

The ad stems from the opinion in which O’Neill wrote: “Rape is a crime of violence which ultimately devastates the lives of at least two people. It is beyond question that the victim suffers emotional damage. The perpetrator, on the other hand, is labeled for life as a rapist and left to lead a life of rejection and scorn by society as a whole. For these reasons, it is the duty of all courts to insure that justice is served for both parties.” The 3-0 ruling included another Democrat and a Republican and sent the case back to the trial court for a second trial.

Did I mention that Mrs. Elsass is also on the RTL board? She and her husband market themselves as good Christians.

Did I mention that Akin got defeated, too? Or, as the Washington Post put it, “Claire McCaskill “legitimately shuts down Todd Akin in Missouri Senate race.”