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Kasich, A Mailman’s Son

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John Kasich’s father was a mailman. You may already know that. You’ve doubtless heard him say it when you surfed past Dr. Phil. Or a TV weather report. Or a Chevy commercial. Or when he cut into a Jimmy Swaggart sermon. Or a remedy for toenail fungus. Or when LeBron James is dashing down the floor for a dunk.

It never changes. “My father was a mailman,” the governor always assures each audience, an uplifting preface to his profound preparation to lead the nation. A simple declaratory sentence separates him from his predecessors who didn’t have.the benefit of a mailman in […]

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Famed short story writer O. Henry, who once upon a time spent several years in the Ohio State Penitentiary in Columbus for embezzlement, wrote one of his most famous short stories, “The Ransom of Red Chief,” in 1907. The comical plot follows two kidnappers and their catch, a wealthy man’s son. The kidnapped kid, spoiled and hyperactive, eventually force the kidnappers to pay the father to take his obnoxious and disagreeable son back.

Sound familiar? Any names of contemporary politicians come to mind?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich seems to have easily won the starring role in the 2016 sequel, Red […]

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Plunderbund learned Thursday that a class action complaint lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court, Southern District of Ohio, Eastern Division by six individuals and a Toledo care facility that names Ohio Governor John Kasich lead defendant.

The plaintiffs—Phyllis Ball by her General Guardian Phyllis Burba, Antonio Butler, individually Caryl Mason by her Next Friend Judge Cathy Mason-Jordan, Richard Walters by his Next Friend Magistrate Judge Linda Walters, Nathan Narowitz, individually Ross Hamilton by his Next Friend Sherry Hamilton and The Ability Center of Greater Toledo—named as defendants in the lawsuit Gov. John Kasich, John Martin, Director of […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich has been on a loosing streak of sorts recently after one former Republican candidate after another has chosen to endorse either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz for president. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has snagged the most converts, although one big one for Trump was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Another bad moon rose for Mr. Kasich Wednesday when Wisconsin’s largest LGBT organization decided he wasn’t the candidate to get on-board with, but Hillary Clinton was. Who knew Gov. Kasich’s conservative message and less-than-stellar record on LGBT issues just wasn’t singing the siren song they wanted […]

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Does John Kasich’s rhetoric on education match what is happening in Ohio?  The Plunderbund Podcast focuses on education in Ohio this week with special guest Denis Smith.  Denis is an educational consultant who worked for the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Community Schools from 2007 to 2011.

John Kasich touts his educational record on his presidential campaign website.  He says, “For American students to be prepared for success in an increasingly competitive global economy, they must receive strong education support from parents and educators, including high expectations—especially in math and English. John Kasich has put this priority to work […]

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You may have noticed that there’s been a lot of nasty pushing and shoving by Republican candidates who want not only to make America great but also to satisfy the hitherto ignored hearts and souls of civilized human beings.

That should be clearly evident in the bloody crossfire of people like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz who have settled on the word “liar” to defend one from the other. John Kasich has sought shelter in pretending to be a moderate right up to the split-second that he came down ferociously conservative on abortion, Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, the auto industry bailout, the […]

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Camp Kasich’s presidential campaign is always looking over the horizon.

Unable to finish first in any primary or caucus state except one so far, they say wait until more enlightened states like California start voting, then voters will show how much they like Ohio’s term-limited leader compared to his two remaining challengers, New York billionaire Donald Trump and first-term Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who lead him by wide margins in delegates.

The 63-year old Kasich, who is running from cover 16 years after his first run for the White House, has made mocking Californians as “whackadooles” a standard part […]

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When it rains it pours. Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich, the self-described “change agent,” got rained on big time in a deluge of un-friendly hot water delivered by Republicans calling for him to get out of the race for president.

“You can’t lose every state and expect to be the nominee,” Texas Senator Ted Cruz said indirectly about where Kasich’s long slog so far. Meanwhile, Trump’s supporters described Ohio’s 69th governor as “a tool of the establishment to siphon off just enough delegates to force a contested convention where GOP insiders can steal the nomination.”

Robert Draper, writing for The […]

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On Friday, the White House hosted an on-the-record conference call with reporters featuring Principal Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz, Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, and Professor Verna Williams of the University of Cincinnati.

The focus on the call centered on President Barack Obama’s nomination of Chief Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, and the Senate’s constitutional duty to give him a fair hearing and an up-or-down vote.

Mr. Schultz said the president chose Judge Merrick Garland because of his impeccable credentials and an unassailable record of legal excellence. The White House consulted wide range of sources including republicans, Schultz […]

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Plunderbund is no fan of Gov. John Kasich. Our daily posts pounding him on one issue after another attest to where the sympathies of Ohio’s biggest and most politically influential blog lie on Ohio’s sitting governor.

So when an article titled “Everyone Hates John Kasich” runs on a high-visibility, pro-Republican, anti-Obama-Hillary Clinton Website, PB disavows any participation in it.

“No one wants Kasich in this race anymore,”’s Leon H. Wolf wrote. “He’s served his purpose. But as long as people keep donating him money, he’s going to still be around, trying to give the nomination to […]

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Gov. John Kasich has many problems to deal with, not the least among them is collapsing campaign cash following his only first-place finish after 32 GOP contests.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz raised what Kasich has collected over the entire course of his Quixotic quest in one month, the AP reported. Kasich finds himself one of three remaining Republican White House hopefuls but he only has about $1.3 million in available campaign cash as this month began, which is much less than the $8 million in cash that Cruz’s campaign had on hand as of the last day of February.

A second […]

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