From the daily archives: Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ohio’s charter school scandal finally has the potential to hurt Gov. John Kasich – just as his run for President banks on winning Ohio’s March 15th primary.

Given the scandal’s potential to hurt Kasich and his fellow Republicans, why is Franklin County Democrat Paula Brooks suddenly BFFs with Bill Lager – the man at the center of the charter pay-to-play scandal? And why is Brooks’ re-election campaign paying money to a company aligned with Lager lobbyist Neil Clark? For more than three decades Clark has helped Republicans maintain their majority in the Ohio Senate.

As the Columbus Dispatch reported […]

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“He’ll do for Michigan what he’s done for Ohio. Create jobs,” a pro-John Kasich TV ad is telling Michigan voters in advance of next Tuesday’s primary.

Plunderbund has repeatedly reported how much Gov. Kasich has under-performed, so much so that some urban centers may not recover their pre-Great Recession job levels for years to come, as Ohio has lagged the national average for most of Kasich’s five years as governor.

JobsOhio reported on Tuesday that year-over year Ohio has 23,602 new jobs, a record, due to its efforts, and corporate investment rose $6.7 billion at the same time. […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich increasingly campaigns like he’s running for National Chaplin instead of President of the United States. Whether it’s hugging poor souls who show up at his town hall meetings after telling their tales of woe, or promising to lift everyone up no natter their circumstances as he did in the final weeks before he won a second term in 2014, John Kasich has found his faith-based Bible babble to be a strong and effective selling point for why his bitter-medicine brand of compassionate conservatism is more compassionate than what other Republicans are peddling this election year.

John […]

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Writing in The Atlantic Magazine, James Fallows, a national correspondent who’s written for the magazine since the late 1970’s, nailed Ohio Gov. John Kasich to his own cross built on duplicitous, contradictory and misleading statements.

John Kasich has enjoyed little if any push back on his narrative that he’s somehow different than the toxic brood of Republican co-candidates who seek the Republican nomination for president this year.

Fallows’ article, “The 40 Seconds John Kasich Will Think About for the Rest of His Life,” has an engaging subtitle: “He had the chance to hit a home run, as a big, […]

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Democratic candidates running for U.S. Senate this year went at each other this week in Cleveland, site of the and Plain Dealer [PD] endorsement interview. The three candidates in the race were in one room, and in close proximity to each other.

Ted Strickland, Kelli Prather and PG Sittenfeld showed up Tuesday for a sometimes heated exchange that lasted more than one hour. Watch the video on the Web.

Kasich’s Plain Dealer Video Still MIA

Isn’t it nice that the PD has taken such an interest in the race to determine which of the three Democrats will take on […]

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There’s a problem with celebrating milestones prematurely — say, putting on your resume that you finished college in June when you won’t actually get the degree until December. The hitch is you can’t party hardy when the real occasion comes round without blowing the game.

That’s the dilemma facing Ohio Gov. John Kasich after Friday’s release of revised employment numbers that showed Ohio finally had recouped all 451,100 jobs lost during the Great Recession.

That should have been the cue for some real crowing as Kasich heads toward Ohio’s March 15 Republican primary — a must-win election for Kasich’s presidential […]

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