Plunderbund is no fan of Gov. John Kasich. Our daily posts pounding him on one issue after another attest to where the sympathies of Ohio’s biggest and most politically influential blog lie on Ohio’s sitting governor.

So when an article titled “Everyone Hates John Kasich” runs on a high-visibility, pro-Republican, anti-Obama-Hillary Clinton Website, PB disavows any participation in it.

“No one wants Kasich in this race anymore,”’s Leon H. Wolf wrote. “He’s served his purpose. But as long as people keep donating him money, he’s going to still be around, trying to give the nomination to Trump.” Camp Kasich is paying no attention as reports say Kasich’s campaign manager Beth Hansen, whose husband falsified state data to benefit poor performing for-profit charter schools before resigning in disgrace, is meeting in California to land more campaign cash. The Kasich treasury is running low as as party competitors routinely overwhelm him in fundraising month after month.

Everyone Loves Raymond But Hates Kasich?

The biting and sarcastic article arrives after Tuesday’s primary and caucus races out west in Arizona, Utah and Idaho. Ohio’s 63-year old term-limited governor was further embarrassed by losing another three contests. So far, John Kasich has only finished first in one state primary, Ohio, where he dominates the political structure and apparatus, including media that refuses to challenge him on, choosing instead to promote his long-shot bid now that he remains in the race despite overwhelming calls to get out.

Anti-establishment GOP voters want Donald Trump, the Republican league leader to date, to duke it out with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who suggested has a place in his administration if Kasich agrees to drop out of the presidential race and support him. In an interview Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Cruz said of Kasich, “I think he’d be a tremendous addition to an administration.”

More bad news for Mr. Kasich arrived today when Jeb! Bush endorsed Cruz. Following Mitt Romney and Lindsay Graham before him, the former Florida governor signed up with Team Cruz, representing another slap in the face to the establishment lane Kasich. Bush tweeted today that “Ted is a consistent, principled conservative who has shown he can unite the party.”

Ohio’s governor likes to say he doesn’t read polls or newspapers but continually points to a couple polls that show he might do well in a General Election against Hillary Clinton, the widely expected nominee for Democrats. Kasich told supporters again today that national polls have been released showing he’s the “ONLY Republican candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton in the fall.”

Notwithstanding his claim that he’s ready to be president, and that he might fare better than his GOP competitors in the fall, the former Lehman Brothers banker and Fox Channel TV talk show host got clobbered in Tuesday’s races out west. Trump won Arizona big time, while Cruz did the same in Utah. John Kasich finished fourth behind Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in Arizona, even though Rubio dropped out of the race last week.

Wolf calls Kasich staying in the race in Utah “very stupid,” noting his “paltry 16.4% of the vote barely beat Trump who is absolutely despised in Utah.” The writer opines that Kasich won his home state because people voted strategically to keep those delegates out of the hands of Donald Trump, adding that Mr. Kasich “misinterpreted that as evidence that people like him, but the results in Utah and Arizona tell a completely different story.”

Kasich Builds Consensus [Against Him]

“Now that Kasich is actively trying to gain delegates for Trump, American voters have seen through his dopey nice uncle routine to realize that Kasich is a self centered narcissistic asshole who is almost as bad as Trump in that regard, which we have always known.” Don’t sugar coat it, tell it like it is, but remember, Leon, Plunderbund has led the charge on John Richard Kasich for a long time yet we get no respect for being so right for so long.

“And he’ll be the last guy in the room to realize how hated he is when this is all said and done, and he’ll turn his dopey, jowly face to the nearest member of the press and say in pitiable tones that the reason people rejected him is because they really hate Jesus. By which he means John Kasich, because they are basically the same thing,” Wolf writes.

Two unvarnished comments were found that will make Camp Kasich furious: “It’s very hard for me to get past that weird facial tick-thing he has with his lips and neck. It’s so weird, it’s really hard for me to pay attention to what he actually as to say. And also that squinty-eyed goof laugh face. When his message does break through all the superficial weirdness for me, it’s when he’s being a Donald Trump-like obnoxious jerk. I’m no fan of Chuck Todd, but his interview with John Kasich actually had me feeling empathy for him. Kasich achieved quite an accomplishment in the annals of obnoxiousness.”

And then this one that will only fuel more bristling by Kasich devotees: “I think if John Kasich were on fire, 80-90% of Republicans would race for the gas can.”

Political opposites, the New York Times Magazine article on Gov. Kasich appears in sync with RedState’s view of the quirky, off-putting governor who has managed to camouflaged his natural state as totally different than what his nearly 40 years in performance politics shows it to be.

John Kasich says he knows how to bring people together to solve problems. He also boasts that he likes to “step on toes” to get his agenda done. He’s doing both, but the problem for many others is getting him out of the race. He’s bringing people together who are tired of having him step on their toes and now think it’s time his toes get stepped for a change.