From the daily archives: Thursday, March 10, 2016

Just when Gov. John Kasich says his 0-22 win record in GOP primaries and caucuses is exactly where he wants to be to win the Republican nomination for president this year, and in advance of his debate tonight with Donald Trump, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Senator Ted Cruz in Miami, two small but potentially damaging glitches have cropped up that could spoil the delivery of his first, improbable inaugural address next January.

The first of his new duo of problems comes from Pennsylvania, his home state, where his campaign admitted it failed to meet state requirements to be […]

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Jill Miller Zimon is challenging fellow John Barnes again this year for his seat as state rep in Ohio’s 12th District. ┬áThis time around the PD came to their senses and correctly endorsed Zimon, who they described as “smart, engaged and energetic.”

“During his recent endorsement interview [Barnes] was unable to recall some details of legislation he had co-sponsored,” wrote the PD Editorial Board. “And [he] could not adequately explain why he did not take part in voting for or against some key bills.”

In her interview, Jill specifically mentions Barnes failure to vote against defunding Planned Parenthood. ┬áThis […]

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Phyllis Schlafly, a right-wing writer who has been tormenting Democracy for more than a half-century, has offered a plan that goes well beyond Donald Trump’s promised wall to keep out illegal aliens. With the ragged arguments so common from her class, she wants to force all Major League baseball teams to use only American-born players.

Holy Roberto Clemente! She said what?

Yep, ALL foreign players, illegal or not.

“The best baseball players today,” she argues, “are American -born.” And they are taking jobs away from American athletes. .

So much for Albert Pujols,(Dominican), a three-time National League MVP, or such […]

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It was a full day Wednesday, riding in the press-pool van shadowing former two-term President Bill Clinton six days before Ohio’s primary next Tuesday.

Looking fit and trim, President Clinton made his case for why voters should choose wife Hillary next Tuesday over Vt. Senator Bernie Sanders. First in downtown Columbus at a rally of about 100 HRC supporters, then later as keynote speaker at the Montgomery County 2016 dinner and fundraiser in Dayton, Mr. Clinton clicked through one reason after another, from domestic to foreign relations, about why Mrs. Clinton should get their vote.

Sandwiched between Columbus and Dayton […]

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