You may have noticed that there’s been a lot of nasty pushing and shoving by Republican candidates who want not only to make America great but also to satisfy the hitherto ignored hearts and souls of civilized human beings.

That should be clearly evident in the bloody crossfire of people like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz who have settled on the word “liar” to defend one from the other. John Kasich has sought shelter in pretending to be a moderate right up to the split-second that he came down ferociously conservative on abortion, Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, the auto industry bailout, the stimulus and public unions. but unlike Cruz, he never resorted to calling Trump a “sniveling coward”.(Cruz also was widely quoted as saying”Trump may be a rat, but I have no desire to copulate with him.” I dare not go further with this because I have no idea what the hell he’s talking about.”)

Name-calling isn’t anything new to politics. It just gets wider currency in the era of bleating tweeting social media and antisocial patriots who want everyone else to atone for the LGBT’s who are threatening our religious liberties.

No one has experienced the mobocracy’s assault more than President Obama , who was even shouted a liar by a South Carolina representative as Obama spoke to a seated Congress. The prez has been on the receiving end of Socialist, Communist, traitor, Kenyan, monkey and Watermelon Boy from the grandstanders.

But in an historical context of badly seeded narrative, Spiro Agnew’s words will live in notoriety for his remark that the American media were nothing more than “nattering nabobs of negativism” – a term fed to him by wordsmith William Safire that was less effective for its lack of reach to the minds all those who couldn’t fathom its meaning. .

And of course, we lived with “Tricky Dick” Nixon for ages. Still, my choice for graphic malcontent must go to Tom Dewey as he was asked how he could have possibly lost to Harry Truman. Without pause, the Republican asserted: “The son of a bitch won.”

As for Kasich, the Secret Service’s code name for him is “Unit 1” because as he once confided, “My wife said , “You’ll never be Unit 1. You’re Unit 2.”

It’s still March and we can only hope that his code won’t improve before the calamity on the horizon at the Cleveland convention.. And that’s no lie.