From the daily archives: Thursday, March 24, 2016

Plunderbund is no fan of Gov. John Kasich. Our daily posts pounding him on one issue after another attest to where the sympathies of Ohio’s biggest and most politically influential blog lie on Ohio’s sitting governor.

So when an article titled “Everyone Hates John Kasich” runs on a high-visibility, pro-Republican, anti-Obama-Hillary Clinton Website, PB disavows any participation in it.

“No one wants Kasich in this race anymore,”’s Leon H. Wolf wrote. “He’s served his purpose. But as long as people keep donating him money, he’s going to still be around, trying to give the nomination to […]

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Gov. John Kasich has many problems to deal with, not the least among them is collapsing campaign cash following his only first-place finish after 32 GOP contests.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz raised what Kasich has collected over the entire course of his Quixotic quest in one month, the AP reported. Kasich finds himself one of three remaining Republican White House hopefuls but he only has about $1.3 million in available campaign cash as this month began, which is much less than the $8 million in cash that Cruz’s campaign had on hand as of the last day of February.

A second […]

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To hear John Kasich tell it, the largely positive story of the 1990s, when Bill Clinton’s two terms in office produced 23 million jobs—the largest of any president including Ronald Reagan—was because of him.

Using revenue Clinton’s budget raised that Congressman Kasich and all other Republicans voted against at the time because it increased income taxes, Ohio’s now term-limited governor loves to talk about balancing budgets in Washington and in Columbus. Added to lowering income tax rates and reducing government regulation, both standard, time-honored fare for the GOP, balanced budgets round out his recipe for what ails America.

What John Kasich […]

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Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor has been asked by a coalition of consumer groups and unions concerned with two proposed mergers in the health insurance industry to hold hearings on the matter.  Taylor, who serves as the head of the Ohio Department of Insurance and could call for hearings, has refused.

In a letter to her on the mergers, those groups—Consumers Union, UHCAN Ohio, U.S. PIRG, CFA, Consumer Watchdog, DC37 and Consumer Action—said they have long been concerned “with the competitive landscape within the health care industry.”

Gov. John Kasich’s Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, a former state auditor, has […]

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