John Kasich’s father was a mailman. You may already know that. You’ve doubtless heard him say it when you surfed past Dr. Phil. Or a TV weather report. Or a Chevy commercial. Or when he cut into a Jimmy Swaggart sermon. Or a remedy for toenail fungus. Or when LeBron James is dashing down the floor for a dunk.

It never changes. “My father was a mailman,” the governor always assures each audience, an uplifting preface to his profound preparation to lead the nation. A simple declaratory sentence separates him from his predecessors who didn’t have.the benefit of a mailman in the house. Not even Abe Lincoln could boast of the distinction.

It is a bit of golden family history that leads some of us to wonder about all of the offspring of mailmen who never aspired to the highest public office in the land, thereby forfeiting any hope of being the pick of the litter.

Maybe Kasich is on to something. After all Jeb’s father was a president. And where did that get him?

  • Spitfiremk1

    If the saddle tramp from McKees Rocks learned anything from “the Mailman” it was how to deliver the bills- he is costing Ohio a bundle that the taxpayers will have to pay for his pipe dream of grandstand.

  • fry1laurie

    Way off topic I know, but on Columbus’s Channel 10 (WBNS-TV) the early morning anchor said that, “Kasich is facing his first scandal,” obviously said in jest about the stupid pizza thing. Too bad 10TV sees fit to ignore the charter school scandal, Robs Ohio, the shananigans to get the Libertarian off the ballot in 2014, any one of which would make really good investigations. Too bad 10TV is owned by the family that once owned the Disgrace, but sold it recently.

  • Don DeLotell

    It’s amazing that none of Ohio’s media will do anything to investigate Kasich’s Administration while Plunderbund is all over it–this Administration will go down as the worst in Ohio history–how can nothing be done regarding Hansen and Chartergate; RobsOhio is stealing tax payers $’s left and right and funneled to Kasich’s business cronies and no JOBS are being created; the massive $’s funneled to Brennan and Lager for their Charter Schools all in return for donations to the Republican Party–keep digging Plunderbund–maybe the Dispatch, Enquirer, or PDealer will finally become journalists in the truest sense of the word!!

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