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Ohio Gov. John Kasich is a master at taking bows for work others performed. His first glaring example came back in the 1990s, when he took credit for revenues that helped balance the federal budget and grow positive cash flow [viz. the surplus] under President Bill Clinton, even though the middle-aged congressman voted against the very measure that produced those robust revenues because a slight rise in taxes for the wealthiest was involved.

After first elected governor in 2010, he took credit without shame for tens of thousands of jobs former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland created before leaving office that […]

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For all the gnashing of teeth to which we’re often treated regarding the Affordable Care Act, sometimes it’s nice to look at some actual numbers and find that, hey, turns out it’s actually been pretty effective.

From the Columbus Dispatch:

With President-elect Donald Trump and congressional Republicans planning to repeal Obamacare, Gov. John Kasich’s administration released a report Friday saying that Ohio’s 2014 Medicaid expansion has improved the health and reduced financial hardships for hundreds of thousands of poor Ohioans.

The analysis, requested by the General Assembly, found that among the 702,000 who gained coverage as of May […]

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National: Healthcare [Cuts] For All

The GOP is preparing to repeal portions of the law funding Obamacare as early as January 3rd, but do not have a plan in place to replace it. Experts are warning that a January move to eliminate funding for subsidies and cost-sharing will leave consumers unable to purchase plans, drive up insurance costs and chase carriers from the marketplace. These impacts will be portrayed by Republicans as “proving” Obamacare was a failure, and set the stage for whatever replacement they land on. It’s a politically precarious move based on a cynical plan to deceive […]

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National: An End To Food Stamps?

Fox News is currently asking whether the federal food program for people in poverty should be eliminated because of recent data about program fraud. Creating the impression that there is widespread fraud in a federal program is the first step in a messaging war that will be waged as the right-wing prepares to introduce a budget that cuts spending on vital programs in order to pay for a diverse array of tax cuts for the billionaire class that helps keep them in office.

The Washington Post rightly notes that this $70 million in misspending represents just 0.09 […]

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Ånybody remember Donald Rumsfeld, the quotable defense secretary under W. Bush?

He’s the guy who disguised his own incoherence by profoundly declaring: “There are knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns, There are things we don’t know we don’t know.”

Not even Yogi Berra could be that linguistically creative.

Well, Rumsfeld is back. But only as the inspiration for Donald Trump, who has been dodging nooses daily to explain why goofy things are already taking […]

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Meet Josh Mandel, Swamp Drainer?

On December 29, 2016 By

State Treasurer Josh Mandel, a Republican, isn’t wasting any time to sell himself as Ohio’s Trump II in the early stage of his candidacy for U.S. senator in 2018.

He’s even turning to Trump’s campaign bluster to levitate for Ohio’s voters, as when he says “With your help, I will go to D.C.., drain the swamp and fight for the people of Ohio.”

C’mon, man. Trump has already said in his post-election gibberish that he won’t use the swamp reference again because it has outlived its usefulness as picturesque speech and patter.

If anything, he may decide to drain the […]

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Governor John Kasich is being dubbed by some statehouse insiders these days as “John Who?” even though he still has two years left in his term. But with the supersized clout Majority Caucus Republicans will have next year in the House and Senate, Kasich’s last biennial budget could be dead on arrival, and any bills sent to him that he chooses to veto can be easily over ridden if Republican will is strong enough.

Now that Mr. Kasich’s second try for the White House this year turned out to be a much longer version of his short-lived first try in […]

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When Republican State Senator Bill Seitz issued his statement Monday, following Gov. John Kasich’s veto of Ohio House Bill 554, he didn’t spare the rod to spoil this governor.

“It is apparent that Governor Kasich cares more about appeasing his coastal elite friends in the renewable energy business than he does about the millions of Ohioans who decisively rejected this ideology when they voted for President-elect Trump,” Seitz, representing Ohio’s 8th District from Cincinnati, said.

Without action by the legislature by year’s end, Ohio would return to renewable energy requirements that were originally put in place in 2008 and […]

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If reality TV star Donald Trump defied the odds and political gravity to make it all the way to the White House, paving the way for another wealthy TV personality with a vast following to follow in his footsteps, might Jerry Springer be Ohio’s next governor?

A staunch Democrat who was the mayor of Cincinnati before he started hosting The Jerry Springer Show, a raunchy and sometimes violent day-time TV program that made him famous and widely wealthy, the idea of Jerry Springer running for higher office got a couple trial runs that didn’t end well. His first flop came in […]

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Ohioans in immense pain, suffering from terminal illness and wishing for a gentle way to shuffle off this mortal coil may no longer enlist the aid of another, lest they render that person a felon.

House Bill 470 makes knowingly assisting in a suicide a third-degree felony in Ohio, punishable by up to five years in prison. Perviously, Ohio law only permitted a court to issue an injunction against someone who helps another kill him or herself.

Six states in these united of America have legalized physician-assisted suicide. Forty-four states and the District of Columbia consider it illegal. Ohio becomes the […]

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An Ohio Democrat from Cleveland who left the constraints of public office in the Ohio Senate after becoming term-limited and losing a race for secretary of state in the same year, Nina Turner is the model of an out-spoken politician.

Turner has been seen as a rising star for Democrats. The Clevelander formed a partnership of sorts with David Pepper from Cincinnati in 2014, when they called dubbed themselves the “election protection” team. Turner lost her statewide race as did Pepper, with the latter rising to Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party and the former becoming a sought-after commentator […]

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