From the daily archives: Monday, December 26, 2016

An Ohio Democrat from Cleveland who left the constraints of public office in the Ohio Senate after becoming term-limited and losing a race for secretary of state in the same year, Nina Turner is the model of an out-spoken politician.

Turner has been seen as a rising star for Democrats. The Clevelander formed a partnership of sorts with David Pepper from Cincinnati in 2014, when they called dubbed themselves the “election protection” team. Turner lost her statewide race as did Pepper, with the latter rising to Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party and the former becoming a sought-after commentator […]

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Ohio’s 69th governor is arguably the most pious and sanctimonious in the state’s 213 year history. Gov. John Kasich will be out of office when his term ends in two years, but he’s being widely applauded for showing restraint for signing a bill that bans abortion at 20 weeks instead of a much harsher bill that bans abortion after a few weeks when a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

It read almost like fake news when Columbus Dispatch editor Alan D. Miller congratulated Mr. Kasich on signing a 20-week abortion ban bill instead of the so-called “Heartbeat” bill.

“To his […]

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