State Treasurer Josh Mandel, a Republican, isn’t wasting any time to sell himself as Ohio’s Trump II in the early stage of his candidacy for U.S. senator in 2018.

He’s even turning to Trump’s campaign bluster to levitate for Ohio’s voters, as when he says “With your help, I will go to D.C.., drain the swamp and fight for the people of Ohio.”

C’mon, man. Trump has already said in his post-election gibberish that he won’t use the swamp reference again because it has outlived its usefulness as picturesque speech and patter.

If anything, he may decide to drain the Potomac, or possibly only the lagoon.

But shouldn’t somebody remind Mandel that the next election is nearly two years away and it will be futile for anybody to sustain public interest in unpleasant pools with alligators and mosquitoes? You should, however, be prepared for the Trump Era in so many ways.

As Peanuts’ Charlie Brown would shriek: AAUGHHH!!!