From the daily archives: Saturday, December 3, 2016

In Rep. Jim Renacci’s latest online “Week in Review”, he continued to  bash Hillary Clinton, who, as you may have heard,   “lost” the election.   The Wadsworth Republican, a strong supporter of Donald   Trump. said that although  he found Trump’s notorious sex tape appalling, we couldn’t can’t afford  “four more years of status quo” with Hillary .

Not only that has been factored into his steadfast endorsement of the billionaire.  As one of the wealthiest congressmen  on the Hill, Renacci is doubtless savoring the big income tax cuts Trump has promised.  He also mentioned in his review that he  had “robust” […]

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One of Ohio’s four Democratic Congressman, 43-year old Tim Ryan of Niles near Youngstown, lost a widely watched bid to topple Nancy Pelosi from California in a House Democratic Caucus election held Wednesday.

Sixty-three Democrats went rogue by voting for Ryan, sending shock waves through Democratic leadership circles that a new message and a new messenger is needed to win back voters who ditched the party and its presidential candidate this year, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Nancy Pelosi, 76 years old, was favored to win, which she did by beating Ryan, who’s been in the House since 2002, by 71 votes […]

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Online schools have rendered the compulsory attendance law invalid for thousands of students by not monitoring attendance. Any responsible person involved in education realizes that attendance laws must be enforced. School officials have the responsibility to ensure that students attend school. But many online providers argue their only responsibility is to offer the program.

After 15 years of charter operators being paid for students not participating, the Ohio Department of Education finally decided to actually audit student participation in online charters. According to the Plain Dealer article, some of the online providers are currently lobbying the […]

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