From the daily archives: Sunday, December 25, 2016

Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Jenifer French issued a final appealable order that allows the Ohio Department of Education to proceed with the student participation audit of ECOT. This ruling paves the way for ECOT to appeal. The ECOT spokesman is confident that ECOT will win on appeal.

ECOT will most likely, at taxpayers’ expense, pursue every legal and legislative recourse to stay in business without being held accountable for student participation.

There is a strong possibility that ECOT will survive and thrive at the end of the process. This charter behemoth spends enormous sums of money on marketing, […]

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O’Reilly’s Fiction Factor(y)

On December 25, 2016 By

Did you see the warning from Bill O’Reilly that any attack on the Electoral College is an attempt to strip the “white establishment” of its constitutional rights?

Yep, he says the lefties want to satisfy minorities by targeting those who practice sound honest government. “Therefore,” he says,”white working class voters must be marginalized”. To parse O’Reilly’s unrivaled non-sequiturs, one must accept the reality that all white working class voters live on farms.

That’s because liberals are increasingly reliant on minority voters, Billo says. Can’t allow that to happen, folks, if you call yourself a proud white American surviving in a […]

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