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Ohio’s 69th governor is arguably the most pious and sanctimonious in the state’s 213 year history. Gov. John Kasich will be out of office when his term ends in two years, but he’s being widely applauded for showing restraint for signing a bill that bans abortion at 20 weeks instead of a much harsher bill that bans abortion after a few weeks when a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

It read almost like fake news when Columbus Dispatch editor Alan D. Miller congratulated Mr. Kasich on signing a 20-week abortion ban bill instead of the so-called “Heartbeat” bill.

“To his […]

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Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Jenifer French issued a final appealable order that allows the Ohio Department of Education to proceed with the student participation audit of ECOT. This ruling paves the way for ECOT to appeal. The ECOT spokesman is confident that ECOT will win on appeal.

ECOT will most likely, at taxpayers’ expense, pursue every legal and legislative recourse to stay in business without being held accountable for student participation.

There is a strong possibility that ECOT will survive and thrive at the end of the process. This charter behemoth spends enormous sums of money on marketing, […]

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O’Reilly’s Fiction Factor(y)

On December 25, 2016 By

Did you see the warning from Bill O’Reilly that any attack on the Electoral College is an attempt to strip the “white establishment” of its constitutional rights?

Yep, he says the lefties want to satisfy minorities by targeting those who practice sound honest government. “Therefore,” he says,”white working class voters must be marginalized”. To parse O’Reilly’s unrivaled non-sequiturs, one must accept the reality that all white working class voters live on farms.

That’s because liberals are increasingly reliant on minority voters, Billo says. Can’t allow that to happen, folks, if you call yourself a proud white American surviving in a […]

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In “Indivisible,” former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress, especially your congressman or senator, listen to you. For rebels with a cause—and there are now 65,844,610 of them, this pamphlet serves as a practical guide for resisting the Donald Trump agenda, that is still unofficial but will become official by this time next month.

“Donald Trump is the biggest popular vote loser in history to ever call himself President- Elect,” Indivisible starts out saying. “In spite of the fact that he has no mandate, he will attempt to use his congressional majority to reshape America in […]

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Gov. John Kasich is learning that he may still be governor, but that’s a office that doesn’t hold the power it once did, now that majority Republicans in the General Assembly can dismiss his agenda or override his veto pen at will.

They don’t need him anymore. He needs them if he wants his last two years as state chief executive to be something other than a Medieval-style bleeding session where he’s the anemic patient voodoo doctors have their way with.

The petulant lame-duck governor has been able to command deference from his own party members whose love for him […]

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Gov. John Kasich has enjoyed over six years of seemingly sycophantic coverage by most of Ohio’s print legacy newspapers. Two in particular, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and The Columbus Dispatch, have covered Ohio’s 69th governor as if they were his adjunct public relations department.

But behold, The Toledo Blade [TTB], which in the past has shown it’s not as squeamish as its other colleagues among Ohio’s Big Eight newspapers to ruffle feathers in Columbus, dared to ruffle them again .

In its editorial penned today on the winter solstice, “The miracle vanishes,” TTB finally catches up to the drumbeat […]

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Sinclair Lewis: It Can Happen Here

On December 21, 2016 By

When Sinclair Lewis’ “It Can’t Happen Here” was published in the mid-1930s the world was in a frightening mess. America was trying to survive the Great Depression. Hitler’s forces were menacing Europe. Where could one turn for relief from economic anxiety and poverty at home and savage repression elsewhere by Storm Troopers?

As Lewis writes in great detail, Americans’ turned to a U.S. senator named Berzelius Windrip from the Vermont town of Fort Beulah, hoisting him to the presidency in 1936. As he had promised, Windrip set out to overturn the political landscape with a radical plan to
make […]

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A December 12 New York Times research article indicates the positive relationship between higher funding levels and outcomes.

During the DeRolph school funding litigation era, the state defendants often attempted to convince the court that money doesn’t make a difference in educational outcomes and opportunities. For the record, the Court didn’t buy that argument.In the real world, whether in public education or any other enterprise, of course money makes a difference. But, state defendants in school funding cases across the nation hired school finance “experts” to support the myth that the level of funding is not […]

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The OAPCS will be out of business at the end of this year. This organization has been an influential advocacy agent for Ohio’s publicly-funded, privately-operated charter industry. Some of the reasons for its demise are identified in a December 14 Columbus Dispatch article.

The dismal reputation of Ohio’s charter industry may be the reason funders have withdrawn their support of OAPCS. It is ironic the federal government has awarded a $71 million grant to expand the failed charter industry in Ohio.

The newly anticipated federal emphasis on expanding the failed charter industry will no doubt generate another […]

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How much evidence that something doesn’t work must one accumulate to conclude it’s time to try something different?

If I have an irritant in my eye, and I choose to try to dislodge the offending particle by repeatedly whapping myself in the face with a ball-peen hammer, how many whaps shall I allow my face to withstand before, say, splashing some water on the little bugger instead?

How many whaps does it take to convince one the method has failed? Apparently, with regard to supply-side “trickle down” economics, 40 years of whaps doesn’t quite cut it. This next whap, surely, will […]

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As many of us look on in horror at the burlesque President-elect Donald Trump is planning to make of our national government, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel’s reptilian political brain has slithered forth, sniffing with forked tongue a new opportunity for personal advancement – a new persona to emulate.

From The Hill:

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel (R) is looking to replicate Donald Trump‘s campaign strategy, hoping to reap the benefits of the president-elect’s success in his second Senate bid.

Mandel is looking to unseat Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) in 2018, taking advantage of a midterm electorate that leans more Republican.

Mandel announced his bid […]

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