From the daily archives: Sunday, December 11, 2016

It’s that time of the year when lawmakers in Columbus and Washington cram lots of last minute bills down the throats of taxpayers as they make a pell mell dash home to their gerrymandered districts.

The Ohio legislature was in lock step with Washington lawmakers in swallowing hard, in some cases, to pass bills that didn’t have public hearings but nonetheless got the votes needed in the last minute rush when the public is kept at bay from any meaningful involvement.

In Washington, a stumbling block on the road to adjournment was the cumulative decision by four coal state senators […]

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In announcing Andrew Puzder as his choice for labor secretary Donald Trump said the fast food tycoon has “created and boosted the careers of thousands of Americans, and his extensive record fighting for workers makes him the ideal candidate to lead the Department of Labor.”

No, Herr Trump wasn’t sucking his thumb nor twisting his hair with this effusive non-sequitur about a nominee who is widely reported to be an enemy of improved working conditions for his employees of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. chains

Puzder is one of Trump’s wealthy donors that entitles the president-elect to say good stuff in red […]

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“Mr. Franklin, what kind of government have you given us?” a woman asked the eminent Founding Father at the end of the Constitutional Convention in 1787. “A Republic, madam,” Franklin quickly answered. “If you can keep it.”

Today, in the 240th year of our independence, our status as an independent Republic is now open to question as a result of revelations by the CIA pointing to interference in our election by a hostile foreign power.

According to the intelligence community, there is little doubt that our electoral process was compromised by Russian intelligence agencies. In a revealing article in […]

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The best thing about today is that the Republican-dominated Ohio Legislature will finish further ruining the state and go home to members’ gerrymandered districts for the remainder of 2016, a year that will live in infamy with the rise to power of Donald John Trump to President of these Divided States of America.

After elections are over but before the year ends, this period of time in which bad bills pass and good bills get buried, the looney leaders on the loose in downtown Columbus know no one can stop them from sending one horrendous bill after another to Ohio’s […]

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