From the daily archives: Thursday, December 15, 2016

When traditional public schools are low performing, federal and state officials demand alternatives-when charter schools are low performing and laced with corruption, they demand charter expansion

What is it about charter schools that gain the favor of public officials regardless of their performance, proneness to fraud and corruption and lack of inclusiveness?

Why do some parents transfer their children from a high-performing public school to a low-performing charter?

Are some public officials so enamored with the notion of choice and/or privatization that it blinds them to the failure of chartering?

Low performance and fiscal fraud in the charter industry is […]

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On Monday, if everything goes as planned, New York real estate billionaire Donald John Trump will be elected the 45th President of the United States. The Electoral College, the brainchild of Alexander Hamilton that is named in Article II of the U.S. Constitution, is composed of 538 Electors who collectively represent the combined total members of the U.S. House and Senate for each state.

For Ohio, the number of Electors is 18, although it once was as high as 25 in the 1920s. The Twelfth Amendment requires each elector to cast one […]

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Youngstown and now Lorain are in the clutches of the state’s privatization of public education machine. Representative Dan Ramos said in regard to the Lorain takeover in the December 4 Chronicle-Telegram: “A takeover just doesn’t feel right here. It comes off like someone needing to come in and teach us poor folk how to get an education. It’s the mentality that only rich people can come in and teach and learn.” Further Representative Ramos said, “This plan is much worse than people think it is. The CEO has to come in and have a plan for […]

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“What we’re doing right now is not working.” That’s what Kent Scarrett, executive director of the Ohio Municipal League, said about why cities are asking state legislators to let revenue sharing—in the form of local government funding—flow as it used to before Gov. John Kasich took control and withheld billions, forcing them to do less or keep pace as before by asking locals to pay more in taxes.

Don’t expect Ohio’s term-limited governor to return to the days before he took over in 2011, when municipalities, big and small, could deliver programs and services their taxpayers had been assured of […]

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The December 13 PD editorial tosses roses to the legislature for not giving a pass to ECOT and other online charters regarding the funds they owe for not being able to document the participation of tens of thousands of their “students.” That is good news for taxpayers but that could change in a legislative heartbeat when the 132nd General Assembly convenes in January 2017. Granted the glass may be half full; but some pertinent questions remain: Will the 132nd General Assembly intervene in favor of online charters? Will the Ohio Department of Education audit the online charters […]

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Donald Trump rocketed himself into Wisconsin this week, not as the president-elect but as forever  the candidate with leftover bluster, boasts and arm-swinging theatrics he may have learned from an old Tarzan movie.  But we shouldn’t  have expected anything less ostentatious from the guy who doesn’t need a cup of strong coffee as the stimulant for his day after admiring  himself in the mirror at dawn.

But there was some news to filter out to his audience this time.  He introduced Speaker Paul  Ryan ( to boos) as a “genius” who is like “fine wine”, an unspoken  reference to the […]

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On a snowy, bitterly cold day Saturday, candidates who are in the running to become the next Chairman of the Democratic National Committee rendezvoused in Columbus to discuss reforms the party needs if it hopes to become relevant and win elections, big and small, again in 2018 and beyond.

The results of the Nov. 8 elections were devastating to Democrats, who lost the presidency and the U.S. Senate and the House at the national level and scads of state races across the land. Democrats, who once thought they would win the White House and whose miscalculation was confirmed by […]

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