From the daily archives: Friday, March 11, 2016

Plunderbund is trying out something new this election cycle: an Ohio Politics-themed podcast.

The pilot episode of our Plundercast, recorded Tuesday, March 9th, 2016, features Sandy Theis, Executuve Director of ProgressOhio and former Plain Dealer Statehouse Bureau Chief, Josh Engel former prosecutor and current civil rights attorney and legal author, and Joe Mismas, a managing editor at

The topics covered on this pilot episode include Ohio’s presidential primary, the push by Ohio Republicans to defund Planned Parenthood, as well as predictions for the coming week.

We’re still working through some technical and connectivity challenges but our guests this week […]

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If it isn’t one kind of shortage it’s another. Right on the heels of a warning that single malt Scotch  might be in short supply, Ohio charter school watchers are worried that there may a future shortage of red flag cloth due to the growing number of hazard signals needed to alert state taxpayers about these privately operated but publicly funded schools.

The latest revelation that accompanied the deployment of more red flags cautioning about charter school problems and questionable practices was the news that Provost Academy, an online school that opened in 2013, was missing quite a […]

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