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Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland isn’t holding back in the home stretch of his challenge to Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman.

The Democrat from Duck Run took aim at Portman and Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump in an impassioned speech to Athens County Democrats this past Thursday.

“There’s a freedom that comes with being a little behind. I feel like I can say anything I want to say, anything that’s in my heart,” Strickland said. “And what’s in my heart is this: Donald Trump is ignorant, he’s bigoted, he’s intolerant, he’s divisive, and he should never be president of this […]

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I despised Richard Nixon. That said, I would vote for him over Donald Trump in a heartbeat. At least that venal, rat bastard knew how the world and politics worked. The latter he understood intimately.

Trump’s favorite mantra now is how the election will be stolen in “those” communities. As he says, “You know what I mean.” Yes Donald, we do all too well. With that idea bouncing around in that coke-fueled velociraptor’s mind, Don’s not sure if he’ll concede the election if, horrors, he loses. With Trump’s over inflated ego, he knows he never loses. Donald always wins bigly.

So any loss must […]

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“It’s very disappointing. The governor was an opponent of mine. He took a big defeat, he went down hard… The people of Ohio get it. We are leading in the polls. He took a big, he took a big defeat and he has not gotten over it.”

That’s the stone cold, ugly truth Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told WHIO’s Jim Otte Friday in Ohio about Gov. John Kasich’s opposition to his candidacy.

It Was Christie Not Kasich

Ohio media in love with Kasich relished the idea that Trump was considering the adopted Ohioan as VP material. The sources […]

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On Friday, Hillary for America Chair John Podesta responded to the letter sent by FBI Director James Comey to eight Republican committee chairman in Congress about emails gathered in an unrelated case, on a device owned by disgraced former New York congressman Anthony Weiner, who is separated from his wife, longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

After FBI Director James Comey completed an investigation more than three months ago into emails related to Mrs. Clinton, he declared no reasonable prosecutor would move forward with a case like this, and said it’s “not even a close call.” Ever since, Donald Trump and […]

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What type of creep looks at the photos of tank-like Humvees and police officers in military-grade combat gear facing down Standing Rock Sioux protestors trying to protect their water supply and thinks, “Those cops need some help. Let’s get our state in on this chewy clusterfk.”

What kind of unconscionable dickweed sees pictures of protestors shot in the face with rubber bullets and decides that his own state troopers should be involved, pulling the trigger, blasting the sound canon, spraying the mace?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, apparently.

From the Springfield News-Sun on Saturday:

A contingent from the Ohio State […]

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Well, this is horrifying:

Ohio’s new lethal injection system is akin to burning inmates at the stake or burying them alive, say federal defense lawyers rushing to stop the state’s first execution in three years.

Ohio’s three-drug method, announced Oct. 3, is worse than a similar procedure used years ago, and multiple problems remain with the way the state prepares and carries out executions, federal public defenders said in a Wednesday court filing. (

Apparently Ohio has developed a new, not better way of killing people. This seems relevant, as recent polls have shown that for the first […]

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Anti-Trump Message On High

On October 27, 2016 By

If you were in the neighborhood of Progressive Field in the hour before World Series game time  Wednesday night, you probably saw a small plane  flyover with a streamer that read:  “Trump tried to buy &  move the Indians!”

The banner was inspired by a reprinted 2015 Plain Dealer column by Brent Larkin , said Sandy Theis, executive director  of ProgressOhio, a Columbus organization that sponsored the airborne message.  Larkin had detailed  Trump’s  failed  efforts in the 1980s to buy the team .  “The belief back then – and now – is that he would have  wasted little or no  […]

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To hear Chicken Little Republicans talk about it, the sky will fall if private for-profit health insurers are allowed to hike premiums as high as some states might experience this year.

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman conveniently calls himself an independent voice at election time, but on the issue of health care coverage, as he is on virtually all of standard GOP issues, he reliably joins the GOP’s Greek Chorus in criticizing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [ACA] passed in early 2010, that lit the fuse on the Tea Party that continues to burn bright to this day.

Portman […]

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Although Ohioans know the truth about his awful nature, our dear governor, John Kasich, is somehow once again looking like a decent, bipartisan politician on the national stage. In September, Kasich was invited to the White House with a handful of other leaders by President Barack Obama to discuss the importance of passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the controversial free-trade agreement between the U.S. and eleven Pacific Rim nations.

Despite the unpopularity of TPP, Obama has been pushing for Congress to pass the agreement before he leaves office, and Kasich and his team have committed themselves to the effort as well. “America can’t […]

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Actor, producer and Academy Award nominee Salma Hayek held a conference call with reporters Monday, to emphasize why she’s supporting Hillary Clinton in this year’s race for president. Hayek, who made news recently with revelations that she rebuffed Donald Trump years ago when he wanted to date her even though she had a boyfriend at the time, stressed how the vote of communities of color could be a deciding factor in this election.

Rattling off a long list of reasons why she’s supporting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Ms. Hayek said this election is the first time she’s […]

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With Halloween just around the pumpkin, I”ve noticed how the mall stores are well stocked with apparel  that will frighten or otherwise entertain us for trick-or-treating.

A predatory  Donald Trump, of course , will knock on our doors dressed as a predatory Donald Trump.   You may want to quickly hand him a  bag of Hershey kisses and slam the door before it’s too late to deny an entitled star.

Closer to home, I’m curious about the costume that Sen. Rob Portman will choose Halloween night with Election Day a week away.  I think an appropriate guise would be that of […]

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