From the daily archives: Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Today, across America, thousands of people exacted a courageous personal and political act that may do more to move the bar for equal rights than any speech by any politician, or any ballot cast in a voting booth.

Today was National Coming Out Day. Thousands of women, men and other previously-silent members of the LGBTQ community faced down hundreds of years of social and political intimidation to declare to their loved ones and the people in their lives who they are, what that means, and why it matters.

Coming out was not the hardest thing I have ever done; living […]

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Before she landed in Columbus, Ohio to speak before a crowd of about 18,500 at an Ohio Democratic Party voter registration event, Hillary Rodham Clinton was in Detroit, Michigan doing the same thing the day after she won the second presidential debate held Sunday night in St. Louis Sunday evening.

Ohio has always been a key battleground state to win, and this year its been a seesaw race between her and GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. Based on the latest polling in Ohio, Clinton is up 3+ over Trump compared to The Real Clear Politics average of polls that […]

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