antitrumpbannerIf you were in the neighborhood of Progressive Field in the hour before World Series game time  Wednesday night, you probably saw a small plane  flyover with a streamer that read:  “Trump tried to buy &  move the Indians!”

The banner was inspired by a reprinted 2015 Plain Dealer column by Brent Larkin , said Sandy Theis, executive director  of ProgressOhio, a Columbus organization that sponsored the airborne message.  Larkin had detailed  Trump’s  failed  efforts in the 1980s to buy the team .  “The belief back then – and now – is that he would have  wasted little or no  time moving  the team to another city,” Theis said.

In a city  that remains highly sensitive to the move of the Browns to Baltimore (and back), the message before Game 2 was that Trump is running for president while the Indians finally – finally! – arrive in a World Series. Too bad the outcome of the game was less inspiring.