From the daily archives: Friday, October 14, 2016

Here be Dragons.

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There was a debate Sunday night. It was the lowest rated debate in decades. Perhaps after the first, people passed on tuning in because many figured they’d seen it all. They saw enough to significantly move polls in Secretary Clinton’s favor. Then came the Access Hollywood video. That debacle has moved the numbers even more in Clinton’s favor.

Over that weekend there was a Titanic moment where you had multiple Republicans jumping ship with no lifeboats in reach. They expressed outrage over what Don said. He’d finally gone a bridge too far. This after Trump’s record in his meteoric rise […]

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At the convention center in downtown Columbus Thursday night, President Barack Obama offered a packed room of about 2000 Democrats who turned out for the Ohio Democratic Party’s State Dinner thoughtful remarks that ranged from somber to reflective to between the ferns funny with the kind of rye wit only he can deliver.

At the same time, just blocks away, paramaniac Donald Trump harangued another crowd with complaints aimed at just about everyone, from his chief rival Hillary Clinton to establishment Republicans who have turned on him to media that dares cover him with reporting that dwells on the revelations […]

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What does it take to get an elected official’s attention about investigating potential wrongdoing and conflicts-of-interest in the Ohio charter school industry? If it’s Ohio Auditor Dave Yost, it might take an earthquake or a coup in a foreign country to wake him up from his self-induced coma and avoidance of responsibility in protecting public funds.

On October 11, the policy group, Progress Ohio, hosted a press conference which featured Robert Amsterdam, a Washington-based attorney who discussed a complaint sent to Yost that was based on an investigation of Concept Schools, a charter management organization that operates 17 publicly […]

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