From the daily archives: Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Actor, producer and Academy Award nominee Salma Hayek held a conference call with reporters Monday, to emphasize why she’s supporting Hillary Clinton in this year’s race for president. Hayek, who made news recently with revelations that she rebuffed Donald Trump years ago when he wanted to date her even though she had a boyfriend at the time, stressed how the vote of communities of color could be a deciding factor in this election.

Rattling off a long list of reasons why she’s supporting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Ms. Hayek said this election is the first time she’s […]

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With Halloween just around the pumpkin, I”ve noticed how the mall stores are well stocked with apparel  that will frighten or otherwise entertain us for trick-or-treating.

A predatory  Donald Trump, of course , will knock on our doors dressed as a predatory Donald Trump.   You may want to quickly hand him a  bag of Hershey kisses and slam the door before it’s too late to deny an entitled star.

Closer to home, I’m curious about the costume that Sen. Rob Portman will choose Halloween night with Election Day a week away.  I think an appropriate guise would be that of […]

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When you get crucified as bad as Ohio Gov. John Kasich did this year, especially at the small hands of a mentally unbalanced braggadocio like Donald Trump who has zero public office experience, gasping for political air is the goal of an an out of sight, out of mind gone governor like Ohio’s lame duck leader, who hopes mainstream media dials him up from time to time as it searches for odd ball content to feed a hungry 24/7 news cycle.

Gasping Four Years Out

That was the case recently when Donald Trump repeated his allegations that just about everything, […]

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