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Is Nazism Awaiting The U.S.?

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The evidence of a deranged Donald Trump inspired by the ghost of Hitler continues to grow. The latest avalanche of damning material arrived in the review of a volume examining the Nazi leader’s malignant words and actions jn a new book of nearly 1,000 pages in the New York Times. Titled “Hitler Ascent,1889-1939”, Vol. One, by German historian Volker Ullrich, the bio provides a matrix that easily invites a horrific comparision with the Republican nominee.

The reviewer, Michiko Kakutani, draws many elements of Hitler’s brutal rise to power without mentioning Trump – it was translated from a German text – […]

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A new group designed to accommodate Republicans who are breaking their Republican bonds to support Hillary Clinton for president, Together for America, hosted a conference call Thursday to discuss the impact of the first presidential debate between Mrs. Clinton and her Republican opponent, Donald John Trump.

With fewer than 40 days left until Election Day arrives on Nov. 8, more and more Republicans and independents upset and turned off by Mr. Trump’s misogynistic, racist persona are rallying behind the Democratic.

One day after former Republican Armed Services Chairman, Virginia Senator John Warner, said he is supporting Clinton-Kaine, Hillary for America […]

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