With Halloween just around the pumpkin, I”ve noticed how the mall stores are well stocked with apparel  that will frighten or otherwise entertain us for trick-or-treating.

A predatory  Donald Trump, of course , will knock on our doors dressed as a predatory Donald Trump.   You may want to quickly hand him a  bag of Hershey kisses and slam the door before it’s too late to deny an entitled star.

Closer to home, I’m curious about the costume that Sen. Rob Portman will choose Halloween night with Election Day a week away.  I think an appropriate guise would be that of a weasel.  Here, after all, is a shifty  politician who declared in his first campaign for his current job in 2008 that the auto bailout was a “lousy deal for Ohio – an unprecedented taxpayer bailout and government intervention”. Innovation Ohio reminds us that he also said he feared that “thousands more workers will see their jobs disappear”.  But as Trump likes to sniff,  “Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.” (Since then, Ohio’s auto industry has added 30,000 jobs!)

But  to be lamely fair, Portman has since said that if he’d been in office at the time and not a candidate, he would have voted for it!

This year, he endorsed the guy he dutifully referred to as the “Republican nominee” until a few weeks ago, when his campaign buried his withdrawal from that posture in a late Saturday night statement.  (The timing was important for political caution inasmuch as nobody wants to pay attention to serious stuff when they are watching Saturday Night Live.)

It gets worse.  Portman then assured his base that he wasn’t making a total flight from Trump.  He would vote for veep candidate  Mike Pence, he said, without explaining how you can honorably split the ticket with a straight face.  But he did try in clubby  Portman fashion by asserting that “while  I continue to respect  the millions of voters across the country who chose Donald Trump as the Republican Party nominee, I can  no longer support him.  I continue to believe our country cannot afford a  Hillary Clinton presidency.”

Talk about the many faces of Rob Portman for Halloween night.  His TV commercials were all around on Sunday, well larded by the Koch Brothers treasury, with Portman attired  quite informally as a factory  laborer to express his hollow affinity for the working class..

Boo!!!  I thought you’d like  to know this if he shows up at your door  in a hard hat.