“It’s very disappointing. The governor was an opponent of mine. He took a big defeat, he went down hard… The people of Ohio get it. We are leading in the polls. He took a big, he took a big defeat and he has not gotten over it.”

That’s the stone cold, ugly truth Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told WHIO’s Jim Otte Friday in Ohio about Gov. John Kasich’s opposition to his candidacy.

It Was Christie Not Kasich

Ohio media in love with Kasich relished the idea that Trump was considering the adopted Ohioan as VP material. The sources pushing that lark idea were Kasich campers trying to show that even in death, after 49 state losses, Kasich’s brand of flim-flam politics had made an impression of sorts on Team Trump.

In Ohio recently stumping for his father, Donald Jr. said Kasich’s name was brought up at a possible VP pick. But he also said this, “As business people, that’s what we would do; we would play out any strategy at the time that made sense to possibly end up at a win,” one published report disclosed.

Knowing who Donald Trump is and why his supporters follow him with blind faith, it’s beyond imagination that Trump would pick the crusty Kasich, who isn’t known for his ability to speak glowingly about anyone other than himself for more than a few seconds. The important part of what Donald Jr. had to say, that shows how fleeting Kasich as Trump’s VP pick was, came in this short denial of service to Kasich camper dreamers: “We never even started the vetting the process.”

What really happened made Kasich’s version of things even more lame. Based on reporting, Trump appears to have offered the number slot to New Jersey Chris Christie, who said he’s earned it. Christie, after he dropped out of the race, he lined up with the Donald. Kasich, after he dropped out later, dissed the Donald over and over, so its hard to imagine him getting any consideration as it seems is what happened.

In the meantime, Ohio’s petulant, lame duck governor seems to be every where but back home governing. Water boys for Kasich say he can be found campaigning in Washington State for Republican candidates or dedicating a new public policy school at George Mason University in Virginia.

If speculation about what Trump and company will do on Wednesday, Nov. 9, the day after they lose the presidential race to Hillary Clinton is even half way accurate, there may not be a future future for Ohio’s no-longer governor Kasich. He’ll be out of office on January 1, 2019, and likely out of mind, as the GOP fractures, hisses and splits its way forward toward a future where it has to battle not only a rejuvenated Democratic Party, but a brand new Party of Trump that will go after it and Democrats like they are one and the same. Take no prisoners.

It’s hard to imagine an old guard Republican career politician like John Kasich, who in 2020 will be 68 years old, refashioning a once formidable GOP into his own image, which by anyones guess won’t be any different then than it is now. His real record in Ohio will be clear for all to see, even the blind who chose not to see it for what it has been, eight years of stiffing cities and schools, letting lobbyists run amok as he turns his blind eye away from their cash cow ways.

Instead of vainglorious tributes to him as the Columbus Dispatch and Cleveland Plain Dealer have become accustomed to, editorials like the one penned recently by the Toledo Blade will blare loudly how he does what he wants to, when he wants to. In “Kasich remembers us,” the Blade again turned it sharp edge to slice the governor to the bone, this time on unilaterally deciding, without input from the community, to send 125 death-row inmates their way.

Noting the governor acted true to form by not ask anyone in the Toledo area whether his decision was something they would welcome, the Blade first noted that he’s “running a never-ending campaign for president,” then snarked to Ohio’s term-limited CEO-style leader, “Thanks, Big Guy. Good to know you are thinking of us.”

What awaits John Kasich is a very angry and very vengeful tribe of Trump losers, spearheaded by Breitbart’s mastermind and Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon, who won’t make a distinction between Democrats and Republicans. He and his band of nihilists won’t let a proven loser like John Kasich proved to be this year do anything but flounder again. The perpetually petulant one will wanders in the wilderness for the next 40 months trying to finally find out who he is and what the Lord intends for him to do before he dies.

So we here at Plunderbund wish Mr. Kasich the worst of luck, because that’s what he deserves after a lifetime of milking and bilking voters for his own personal and political aggrandizement. He’s been on the wrong side of virtually every issue modern Americans cherish.

And when Democrats under the leadership of President Hillary, and promoted leaders like Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown and others, realize the power they’ll enjoy when they retake the U.S. House in 2018, his goose will officially be cooked. And if Democrats don’t fully cook it, the team of Trump and Bannon will raise the temperature until it is cooked.