Actor, producer and Academy Award nominee Salma Hayek held a conference call with reporters Monday, to emphasize why she’s supporting Hillary Clinton in this year’s race for president. Hayek, who made news recently with revelations that she rebuffed Donald Trump years ago when he wanted to date her even though she had a boyfriend at the time, stressed how the vote of communities of color could be a deciding factor in this election.

Rattling off a long list of reasons why she’s supporting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Ms. Hayek said this election is the first time she’s spoken out in public for a political candidate. One candidate she referred to, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, is not only wrong but dangerous. Instead of Trump acknowledging Latinos, he “calls us criminals and rapists.”

In her opening remarks, she recalled a story from back in 1998 when American soldiers fighting in Kosovo picked her from a list of celebrities they wanted to have dinner with.  The list included then-popular Hollywood star Sandra Bullock. “I won. I thought it was a mistake, why choose me, I’m a nobody?” When she arrived by helicopter for the dinner engagement, she spotted a Mexican flag flying, That flag showed her how many Latinos were fighting for America, trying to earn the right to be American, even though many were already citizens. “This really stayed with me,” she said, adding, that since then she pays attention to the name of the fallen soldiers, many of whom are Latinos.

Trump calls Clinton “crooked Hillary,” but he has 3,500 lawsuits filed against him, including instances where he’s denied African-Americans the chance to be renters. He lies to people through Trump University on how to become rich, she said, noting that every time fact checkers fact check him, they find he lies in all his talks.

“When you contradict yourself, one of those choices has to be a lie,” she told reporters on the call, citing the Iraq war and abortion as two topics he’s made opposite statements on. And when Trump says nobody respects women more than he does, then calls women pigs, dogs, says breastfeeding is disgusting, then grabs woman by their private parts, or says he would never do anything he then says he did, that’s beyond the pale to her.

When Donald Trump claims he’s not a politician—because they don’t do what they say they’ll do—then does what he says he does, she asks him which one is it? She said his talk about “Making America Great Again” is just more so-called “locker room talk,” since he’s done nothing in his life that hasn’t been for his own benefit. When he said he was happy when the stock market crashed, so he could make more money, Hayek said that was just another example of the Donald being the dishonest Donald.

In contrast, she said Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate in American to run for president versus Trump as the least qualified candidate in history. Hillary’s best years are yet to come, she said, adding, “she’s been preparing her whole life for this moment. It’s the highlight of her life. she didn’t get into it because her reality TV show got canceled.”

Standing 5 foot 2 inches, she said she’s never wanted to be a model, and that “my height never stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do.”

A Hillary For America staffer jumped on the call following Hayek’s remarks to say that with just two weeks to go before votes are tallied, the campaign is seeing great enthusiasm among Latinos in some states, including Florida, Nevada and Arizona. In these states, record numbers of Latinos are turning to vote for Clinton such that their participation already could be significant enough to decide the elections there.