From the daily archives: Monday, October 10, 2016

James Fallows of The Atlantic Magazine asked former Maryland Governor and one-time Democratic presidential contender Martin O’Malley how he would prepare to debate Donald Trump had he won the Democratic nomination for president this year.

“I’d start by thinking of him as a monkey with a machine gun.” O’Malley told Fallows, Jimmy Carter’s speech writer. Fallows interpreted O’Malley’s advice to mean an adversary like Donald Trump is “all the more dangerous because you can’t predict which direction he’ll be facing when he pulls the trigger.”

In Sunday’s second presidential debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton, O’Malley’s advice, offered in Fallows’ […]

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A press conference Thursday showcased Ohio senior senator in Washington, Sherrod Brown, and a small business woman confronting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on his refusal to release his federal tax returns.

In a second presser later the same day, three progressives—a Navy veteran, a reverend and an OSU student—each offered their personal views on why Donald Trump should not be the next president of the United States.

Sen. Brown and Tanisha Robinson at the Ohio Statehouse

[L-R] Michael Warner, Rev. Susan Smith and Stephania Costa at the Columbus Metropolitan Public Library

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Just when Ohio media thought it was safe and smart to keep John Kasich’s name afloat as a viable candidate for president in 2020, polling released Friday shows he’s already the biggest loser in a list of Republican White House hopefuls now topped by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

The vice presidential debate performance by Pence appears to have earned him status as the Republican league leader in 2020 if Donald Trump loses to Hillary Clinton this year, as more polls show will be the case.

Coddling John Kasich has been the standard for Ohio’s mainstream media over his nearly […]

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