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Kasich, A Mailman’s Son

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John Kasich’s father was a mailman. You may already know that. You’ve doubtless heard him say it when you surfed past Dr. Phil. Or a TV weather report. Or a Chevy commercial. Or when he cut into a Jimmy Swaggart sermon. Or a remedy for toenail fungus. Or when LeBron James is dashing down the floor for a dunk.

It never changes. “My father was a mailman,” the governor always assures each audience, an uplifting preface to his profound preparation to lead the nation. A simple declaratory sentence separates him from his predecessors who didn’t have.the benefit of a mailman in […]

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Famed short story writer O. Henry, who once upon a time spent several years in the Ohio State Penitentiary in Columbus for embezzlement, wrote one of his most famous short stories, “The Ransom of Red Chief,” in 1907. The comical plot follows two kidnappers and their catch, a wealthy man’s son. The kidnapped kid, spoiled and hyperactive, eventually force the kidnappers to pay the father to take his obnoxious and disagreeable son back.

Sound familiar? Any names of contemporary politicians come to mind?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich seems to have easily won the starring role in the 2016 sequel, Red […]

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Plunderbund learned Thursday that a class action complaint lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court, Southern District of Ohio, Eastern Division by six individuals and a Toledo care facility that names Ohio Governor John Kasich lead defendant.

The plaintiffs—Phyllis Ball by her General Guardian Phyllis Burba, Antonio Butler, individually Caryl Mason by her Next Friend Judge Cathy Mason-Jordan, Richard Walters by his Next Friend Magistrate Judge Linda Walters, Nathan Narowitz, individually Ross Hamilton by his Next Friend Sherry Hamilton and The Ability Center of Greater Toledo—named as defendants in the lawsuit Gov. John Kasich, John Martin, Director of […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich has been on a loosing streak of sorts recently after one former Republican candidate after another has chosen to endorse either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz for president. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has snagged the most converts, although one big one for Trump was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Another bad moon rose for Mr. Kasich Wednesday when Wisconsin’s largest LGBT organization decided he wasn’t the candidate to get on-board with, but Hillary Clinton was. Who knew Gov. Kasich’s conservative message and less-than-stellar record on LGBT issues just wasn’t singing the siren song they wanted […]

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