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Is it too early to start thinking about the 2018 Election in Ohio? Never. Democrats need to create a narrative that sticks over the next 20 months. The narrative must not only resonate with traditional Democratic supporters but must also reach folks in all 88 counties of Ohio.

In the gubernatorial race, we now know that U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Niles, will not run. But is reporting a potentially wide field of primary candidates, including state Sen. Joe Schiavoni, of Boardman, and former U.S. Rep. Betty Sutton, of Copley, former Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, Cuyahoga Co. […]

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The federal and state voucher trains are picking up steam in spite of dismal results from vouchers.

Education choice enthusiasts originally spewed the rhetoric that vouchers would allow poor children to have the same opportunities for a private education as rich kids. Now choicers want money to follow every child (i.e.) a universal voucher system.

At the federal level, HR 610 has been introduced to require states to adopt vouchers in order to maintain eligibility for federal funds.

Although Ohio has a half-dozen separate voucher programs, Senator Matt Huffman is proposing a voucher program that is essentially universal. Huffman’s proposal […]

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Here is you opportunity to be heard on the state’s draft plan for ESSA.

The notice regarding hearings scheduled by the Joint Education Oversight Committee is below. If you can’t appear in person, you may wish to email written testimony.

Don’t let this opportunity slip by you!

NOTICE: The Joint Education Oversight Committee will be hearing testimony regarding Ohio’s State Plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act. JEOC will hold two meetings on Thursday, March 2,2017 at 2:30 PM and Thursday, March 9, 2017 at 1:30 PM in the Senate South Hearing Room. If you are interested in testifying please contact […]

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Trump’s Never-Never Land

On February 28, 2017 By

As President Trump leads America into the never-never  land of an Altered State of the Union speech with the promise of making America safe, it’s best to keep in mind that he wants to do that by increasing the defense budget by at least 10 pct. while his hired hands are working vigorously to endanger the public by  fouling the air we breathe,  the  water we drink and the rivers and streams that sustain our fish. Who, they ask, needs the Environmental Protection Agency anyway?

Oh, talk about the perils :  the Congressional Republicans have already said it’s OK […]

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Expectations for President Donald Trump’s first address to Congress are colossal in range.  From another dark, carnage filled version of America,  amalgamated from his inaugural address and last week’s campaign rally speech at CPAC, to a con-temporized, slightly upbeat edition based on his nomination acceptance speech in Cleveland, where he claimed only he can fix things.

In what will be the Donald’s biggest reality TV show stunt so far, the speech Trump will deliver tonight won’t be boring, “believe me, I can tell you that,” as Trump himself would say about standing for the first time before a joint session of […]

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Spicer Cancels On LaRose

On February 27, 2017 By

Over the past two days we have been writing about Republican State Senator Frank LaRose’s fundraiser featuring Sean Spicer, Donald Trump’s press secretary and the guy responsible for defending Trump’s claim that millions of people illegally voted in the 2016 election.

Funny story: Spicer cancelled on LaRose today.

According to Politio:

Spicer said he pulled out of the event on Sunday, but neither he nor other administration officials would say why he had agreed to participate in the first place.

 After the Politico story broke, LaRose spent the evening trying to “correct” reporters on Twitter with his own narrative… […]

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Coming out of his first meeting with President Hillary Clinton at the White House last Friday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who flatly ruled out voting for her last year, showed what a uniter he is by wishing her well even though he didn’t vote for her.

“It’s sort of like being on an airplane,” the 64-year old lame duck governor said about the first woman to be president. He added, showing he values country over party, “You want to root for the pilot. You don’t want the pilot to screw up.”

Is this dishonest fake news? Absolutely. It’s fake […]

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Why does state Rep. Nino Vitale, R-Urbana, think that the First Amendment’s protection of religious freedom needs a redundant bulking up in the form of his Ohio Pastor Protection Act?

When he first introduced the bill in 2015, Vitale wrote to colleagues: “I will soon be introducing legislation that will protect Ohio pastors, clergy, and ministers and the property associated with the religious organization,” ignoring the fact that such protection already exists and has never been seriously threatened except in the fevered imaginations of conservatives like Vitale.

“This protection will allow these individuals to exercise religious liberty and only perform […]

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LaRose, Spicer, The Odd Couple?

On February 27, 2017 By

State Sen. Frank LaRose, Hudson Republican running for secretary of state, has what he calls an “exciting announcement” on Facebook: “My 4th annual D. C. event [read fundraiser] will feature special guest Sean Spicer. There is still time to join our host committee.”

Sean Spicer? The same guy who is in the midst of shaking down his staff for leaks and ordering them to turn in their telephones for spot checks? The same guy who repeats President Trump’s lies at the press briefings from which the New York Times, CNN and other news agencies are now barred? Yep, Exciting, […]

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Betsy DeVos was confirmed as Secretary of Education with a tie-breaking vote by the Vice-President. Opposition to her confirmation was intense and protracted because she has no public school experience and has contributed heavily to advance her anti-public school agenda.

Now she is echoing that tired, old rhetoric that her opponents are merely those who are against “new ideas.”

Of course, her “new ideas” are any and all alternatives to the public common school.

Often public school personnel and advocates will not speak out in opposition to nefarious “reforms” from the nation’s Capital and groups such as the American […]

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The So-Called Dishonest Media

On February 25, 2017 By

There’s a classic scene in the movie “A Few Good Men” in which a prosecutor is demanding the truth from a frantic Col. Nathan R. Jessup, played by Jack Nicholson, seated in the witness stand. Erupting in defiance, Nicholson shouts a couple of times, “You want the truth? You want the truth?…You can’t handle the truth!”

How appropriate that scene would be in D. Trump’s daily slams at the “dishonest media” that has now led to his ban on the New York Times, CNN and some other media from Sean Spicer’s fudging news briefings. By his standards, the modern […]

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