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Did you notice that D. Trump has recommended  another Wall Street  billionaire for his crusade to make America great again?  Yep, in this instance the plutocrat’s name is Stephen  A. Feinberg, the co-founder of a cash cow name Cerberus Capital Management and reported to be quite friendly with Steve Bannon (here we go again!),  the president’s thought-meister.

Trump wants him to  head  an investigation of the American  intelligence agency.  As you already know, Herr Trump has not  been pleased with the agency that is supposed to inform him of anything not in lockstep with his and America’s interests.  So now […]

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The February 11, 2017 Policy Matters Ohio research report, by Zack Schiller, pinpoints why multitudes of school district students are deprived of a high quality education.

State officials in Ohio seem more comfortable tolerating the school-to-prison and school-to-welfare pipelines than biting the bullet to appropriately fund a constitutional system of common schools. All the political rhetoric about career and college readiness is noisome twaddle without the provision of adequate resources directed to all school districts.

Policy Matters asked the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy to analyze Kasich’s latest tax proposal. This is what they found:

• The middle fifth […]

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Dr. George Wood, an education policy expert serving as Superintendent of Federal Hocking Local School District, provides three easy budget fixes in this article for the Athens Messenger.

These “fixes” would provide some relief in the short term. In the long term, state officials must revisit the Ohio Supreme Court’s decisions in DeRolph and give the system a complete systematic overhaul as directed by the Court.

Here’s a quick summary of the highlights:

First, end the transfer of local tax dollars to electronic charter schools (e-schools). Second, the legislature should act to reduce the number of tests Ohio school […]

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The Chops Of Trump’s Dark Epic

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Another day. Another scandal in the dark epic of Trump world. The president’s ex-national security advisor, Mike Flynn, who apparently was giving as much advice to Russian intelligence as he was during the campaign to the looming occupants of the White House.

Oh, a vice president who wasn’t in the loop when bad things were taking place.

The president at his royal Floridian resort on the public dime while doing open-air foreign policy, documents and all, as fancy people who paid $200,000 annual memberships gawked and took pictures. No surprise. The White House oarsmen are now saying the real problem […]

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