The federal and state voucher trains are picking up steam in spite of dismal results from vouchers.

Education choice enthusiasts originally spewed the rhetoric that vouchers would allow poor children to have the same opportunities for a private education as rich kids. Now choicers want money to follow every child (i.e.) a universal voucher system.

At the federal level, HR 610 has been introduced to require states to adopt vouchers in order to maintain eligibility for federal funds.

Although Ohio has a half-dozen separate voucher programs, Senator Matt Huffman is proposing a voucher program that is essentially universal. Huffman’s proposal even allows parents to bank state funds that are in excess of tuition for future use for education expenses.

Yet researchers report dismal results from vouchers as reported in the February 23 New York Times.  “As school choice is poised to go national, a wave of new research has emerged suggesting that private school vouchers may harm students who receive them,” writes the Times. “The results are startling — the worst in the history of the field, researchers say.”

Public school officials better wake up to the fact that the public common school system in this nation is under serious attack.


William L. Phillis, Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding