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When Delusion Creates Fumes

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Considering how badly things have been going for D. Trump these days – from the failed mission in Yemen that he approved from his dinner table to his failed prediction that he would win his immigration case “easily” in the appellate court – we should all wonder about the health of his altered state. And I didn’t ’t even mention the part about Kellyanne Conway’s foolish retailing appeals and Sean Spicer’s beleaguered efforts to force the tattered genie back into his thimble. Just today, NY Times Columnist Gail Collins observed that Spicer was the “Most Miserable Man on Earth” […]

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It’s just starting, so get used to it—the battle to determine who will represent Ohio in the U.S. Senate in 2019, that is. Will it be two-term Democratic incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown? Or will it be two-term Republican Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, his likely but not Republican-Party endorsed challenger?

Mandel tried but failed to unseat Brown in 2012 even though more than $40 million was spent on his behalf by the likes of the Koch Brothers and other Republican donors whose deep pockets had money to burn then, and will again this cycle.

“Sherrod Brown shouldn’t be a US Senator,” exclaimed […]

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In what’s become a regular weekly meeting with Ohio reporters each Wednesday when Congress is in session, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown discussed a new, bipartisan bill he intends to introduce as soon as tomorrow that will codify sanctions on Russia and require Congressional approval before sanctions are waived.

Sen. Brown outlined the legislation that has three Republican senators as co-sponsors: Arizona Sen. John McCain, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and South Carolina Sen. Lyndsey Graham. As ranking Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee, Ohio’s senior senator plays a key national security role in overseeing sanctions on Russia and other countries.

Brown […]

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