From the daily archives: Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I enjoy falling asleep listening to people much smarter than I am telling me stories about history.

The blue light from my television set acts as a hindrance to my body shutting down for some serious REM cycles, some smart article from some smart person once informed me. And if I’m to have REM cycles, I should think I would want them as serious as possible. So I turned off the electrik TeeVee and instead started listening to history podcasts as I drifted off into sweet slumber.

Then I discovered iTunes U, and I can safely say, brothers and sisters, things […]

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The so-called billionaire from New York City, Donald Trump, won Ohio and the White House last year because poor rural counties, of which there are many among the state’s 88, voted in droves for him, hoping he would bring good jobs and prosperity where little of neither exist today.

The great divide between populated counties with dense cities and sparsely populated rural counties that haven’t seen good times for decades has again reared its ugly head in partisanship. Republican lawmakers in Columbus are continuing their attack on the Ohio Constitution and its Home Rule Authority amendment, enacted in […]

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The Big Orange Machine working out of the White House in Washington wants to get cracking on replacing anybody not supplicating themselves enough to the new American order with someone who will.

Donald Trump and his loyal lieutenants in arms on Pennsylvania Avenue are ready to roll over any bump in the road that stands between them and their agenda to take the nation’s capital by force if necessary.

Among the many barriers before them is a tough Buckeye nut who’s done yeoman work on behalf of consumers across the nation, by fulfilling the mission of the Consumer Finance […]

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Ohio’s corporate media has regularly swallowed at face value what Gov. John Kasich has said on creating jobs. Of late, it seems, they have woken up slightly that the governor’s alternate-world facts don’t jive with real-world facts on how poorly he’s actually performed.

When the former Lehman Brothers banker reflexively blurts out the number 400,000, jobs he said are back after the Great Recession tooks its toll on the state, he fails to mention that tens of thousands of workers can’t find jobs, especially good-paying jobs, because they aren’t being created fast enough, so they drop out of the […]

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